Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

Walmart, a discount shop, is dedicated to providing basic goods at low prices. Walmart’s house brand Great Value offers customers a wide range of grocery items to help them save even more money.

  • You may wonder whether there is a distinction in quality between Walmart’s generic groceries and big-branded goods. Is Walmart able to make great-value products that are affordable? Here is my mega guide revealing the genuine manufacturers of Great Value products!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart In 2022?

    ConAgra, Sara Lee, are two of the best-known manufacturers for Great Value grocery items, like peanut butter and cheese. Walmart has its own Fort Wayne dairy plant that produces milk. Big brands such as Danon, Ziploc, General Mills, Kellogg’s, and Kraft are also said to make Great Value groceries.

  • If you’d like to know the real manufacturers behind 27 essential Great Value products, read on!
  • 1. Walmart’s Great Value Water comes From Natural Springs
  • Get hydrated with Walmart’s Great Value Spring Water, which is sourced from Platte County, Missouri, at Basswood Springs.

    For $0.80 per gallon, multiple bottles can be filled from one single purchase. Purified by ozonation, the water contains a neutral pH level, therefore diminishing harmful pollutants.

    Walmart’s Great Value purified bottle water has been sourced from California’s Sacramento Municipal waters. Canadians believe Niagara Bottling created their Great Value water.

  • 2. Great Value Root Beer Made By Cott
  • Walmart beer, which is available in stores across the country, can be a cost-saving option that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Cott is said to produce great Value root beers. You can get 12 12-ounce bottles at $2.28 each or a bottle of 68 fluid ounces for as low as 74C/.

  • Walmart’s Great Value root beer contains the exact same ingredients as A&W Beer, so you will barely notice any difference.
  • However, the price is something you will notice. A&W Root Beer costs more than $11. This means that you could get Great Value root beers for as low as $10.

  • 3. Ziploc Bags are a great choice for those looking for value.
  • According to rumours, Ziploc makes Great Value Ziploc bags for Walmart. Though the brand doesn’t have a confirmed affiliation with Walmart yet, Great Value zipper bag are identical in quality and design to Ziploc bags.

  • The price of 100 Great Value Zipper Quart Freezer Bags is $2.88, comparably cheaper than Ziploc’s equivalent product costing $8.84 for 74 freezer bags. Talk about saving big bucks!
  • Walmart offers Great Value freezer, storage, sandwich, snack quart, and gallon zipper bags in quantities of 70-100 for under $7.

  • 4. Great Yogurt & Greek Yogurt Made By Danon
  • Great Value yogurt, greek yogurt and other dairy products are produced by Danon’s subsidiary. When you choose Great Value, you can get equally delicious yogurts at an even more affordable price.

    Great Value’s 32oz family-sized containers of low-fat vanilla cream yogurt are just $1.74. Danon’s equivalent is more than a dollar higher at $2.78. You should make every penny count.

    Mixed berry, key lime, strawberry, blueberry and banana flavored yogurts are available in 32-ounce pots (29C/35C/ per 1 oz) or 4-6-ounce cups.

  • 5. Great Value Ice Cream Tastes Like Breyers!
  • Walmart has informed us of Great Value ice-cream in sweet flavours like strawberry shortcake, cookies & cream, unicorn sparkle, fudge track, and vanilla. are made by Wells! Tried and tested, Wells has perfected Great Value ice cream for more than 30 years!
  • If you’re a fan of Breyers’ mouth-wateringly good ice cream, then you should consider trying Walmart’s Great Value ice cream. Great Value icecream (48oz) can be bought for just $2.97 (as opposed to Breyers’ $4.18 (a 48oz tube).

  • 6. Great Value Potato Chips Are Made By UTZ
  • It is believed that UTZ manufactures Walmart’s Great Value potato snacks. While you hardly notice the difference in taste, you’ll certainly see the price difference. UTZ potato chips available at 22C/per oz. Great Value potatoes chips can be purchased at 16C/per oz.

    UTZ potato chips can be purchased in large quantities by regular customers. Great Value Potato chips are an excellent choice for anyone looking to grab a quick snack without breaking the bank.

  • 7. Peter Pan’s manufacturers make great peanut butter!
  • Spend $4.68 for 40-ounce jars Peter Pan peanut butter. Instead, invest in 64-ounces of Great Value cream peanut butter and only $4.34. That’s equal to 6.8C per ounce! ConAgra produces both Peter Pan peanut butter and Great Value products within the same plant.

    Walmart provides a decent variety of peanut butter, including smooth, organic, crunchy, powdered, honey roasted, and grape jelly stripe options for less than $10 per jar.

  • 8. Procter & Gamble produces great-value paper towels
  • An article suggests that Walmart works with Procter & Gamble (the same company that produces Charmin toilet paper) to manufacture household essentials such as paper towels for their discount brand, Great Value. P&G currently has 31 paper-making locations across the U.S.

    You can buy 4 packs of everyday-use Great Value paper towels at $5.22 each or 24 heavy duty paper towels at $14.97 per pack. That’s $1.25 per towel! ).

  • 9. Walmart’s Dairy Plant Produces Almond Milk of Great Value
  • Walmart will soon open its own dairy plant that produces cow’s milk. They may also produce almond milk under Great Value Brand.

    However, it is possible to get different milk from local stores depending on their location. Meadow Gold Dairy Company (which also produces their own brand) are some other dairy suppliers.

    It is not difficult to see how much almond milk can cost. Walmart’s Great Value brand offers almond milk at a fraction of the cost, with half a gallons (with a chocolate twist), only $1.98

  • 10. ConAgra Offers Salsa at a Great Value
  • Peter Pan, the well-known producer ConAgra purchased Great Value salsa.

  • A wide variety of Great Value salsa options are available to customers.
  • Great Value products allow customers to make a significant savings. Customers will be able to purchase 24 ounces if mild thickened and chunky salsa at a fraction of the cost of branded salsa, which is $2.68.

  • 11. McCormick Spices Are Great Value Spices That Taste Just Like McCormick
  • McCormick could be behind the Great Value spice brand, according to a recent report. The two brands have a distinct taste.

    Seasoning products and spices are a notoriously costly item. Walmart’s Wonderful Value can make your cooking more affordable.

    Great Value basil leaves retail at less than a penny ($1.23/oz for a standard 0.80-ounce container), while McCormick’s version costs $2.44 ($3.94/oz for a smaller quantity).

  • 12. ConAgra provides great value flour
  • ConAgra, the well-known producer of Great Value products operates a U.S.-based flour manufacturing company. Therefore, it is an plausible producer and distributor of Great Value food flour.

    Walmart’s supermarket alternative is cheaper than the regular. Canadian or American Great Value flour are used to make the flour.

    If you’re looking for a generic Great Value Walmart flour, why pay $9.10 to get 10lb Gold Medal branded flour?

    Customers can expect to pay less than $5 for all-purpose, unbleached coconut, almond, or self-raising flour.

  • 13. Great Value Ketchup Tastes Like Heinz!
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    ConAgra offers many Great Value products which is why it most likely makes condiments like ketchup. Did you know that Great Value ketchup tastes just like Heinz?

  • The ingredients lists of both the products were compared and we found a striking similarity.
  • However, the Heinz 64oz Heinz Ketchup price ($4.49) does not compare to $264 ounces of Great Value Ketchup ($5.84)
  • 14. Sara Lee manufactures great K-Cups at a Great Value
  • Walmart Great Value kcups can be a delicious and affordable way to start your day. A report online claims that Walmart’s Great Value coffee by Master Chef is made by Sara Lee.

  • At Walmart, you can purchase various Great Value k-cups containing coffee styles such as donut shop, Columbian, breakfast blend, blonde roast, caramel, french vanilla, and much more! Great Value packs 48 will cost you $14.92 (31C/per Cup), which is significantly lower than Starbucks 44 coffee k-cups at $28.98 (66.6C/per Cup). That’s quite a savings!
  • 15. Agaia has created a wonderful laundry detergent with great value that’s also eco-friendly.
  • In 2013, Walmart formed a partnership with Agaia to create environmentally safe laundry detergent under the Great Value brand.

    Customers can still purchase the eco-safe liquid detergent with a clear or lavender fragrance for $7.98, containing 100 fluid ounces (that’s a total of 64 washes! ).

    Budgeters can say goodbye to Tide’s equivalent product at $11.97 for 92fl oz. Tide’s price per fl.oz is 18, while Great Value has a cost of 8C/.

  • 16. Savant Systems makes great value light bulbs.
  • Savant Systems purchased The Bucyrus Lamp Plant (U.S.) from GE Lighting to produce great value bulbs.

    However, a Savant Company reports that Walmart is seeking to transfer much of their Great Value light bulb production to China.

  • Great Value light bulbs are a better choice than big brand name lights. Customers can expect to spend up to $10.88 for 12 light bulbs (equivalent to 90C/ per light bulb). Light bulbs do exactly the same thing!
  • 17. Great Value Cheese Is Produced By ConAgra
  • ConAgra may make Great Value cheese at its factories across the country, as several sources confirm. Walmart has a wide range of Great Value cheeses such as cheese blocks and cheese squares.

  • Great Value medium cheese cheddar cheese 16-ounces is $3.36 less than the overpriced alternatives. You, like many other customers, are guaranteed to love the taste (and the price). This cheese is both gluten-free as well as a good source of protein, calcium, and other nutrients.
  • 18. Sara Lee Makes Walmart’s Great Value Coffee
  • Sara Lee makes Walmart’s cheap coffee sold under its own Great Value brand.

    Great Value Roasted Ground Coffee can be bought in 48-ounce cups for $7.92 (16.5C/per oz). Or make long-lasting savings when you double up with the 2-pack costing $14.88 (15C/ per ounce).

    If you weigh the difference in price, Walmart usually sells branded coffee for more than $12 for smaller quantities.

  • 19. Sara Lee’s Coffee Creamer Offers Great Value
  • Great Value coffee crèmeer will help you take your coffee up a notch without spending too much.

    Sara Lee is a well-known manufacturer of many great Walmart coffee products. She likely produces Great Value coffee creamer.

    Walmart’s Great Value coffee creamer is a great choice for fans of Nestle’s Coffee Mate. Great Value coffee crèmeer only costs $1.50, and it is completely dairy-free. Can you resist 10C/per oz

  • 20. The Great Value Cookies are Just like Girl Scout Cookies
  • Walmart stocks great Girl Scout Cookie flavors.

  • Great Value cookies are $1.38 per box instead of $4. Walmart has great Value peanut butter and coconut cookies as well as fudge and mint cookies.
  • ConAgra makes many Great Value Essential Products, which means that they also likely make Great Value Cookies!
  • 21. Walmart gets great value cereal from General Mills and Kellogg’s
  • General Mills and Kellogg Company are thought to make Walmart’s Great Value cereal.

    If you don’t want to shell out $3 on 24 oz Kellogg frosted flaflakes boxes, there are ways that you can save some pennies. Great Value frosted flaflakes cost $2.93 and contain 26.8 grams of cereal. That is equivalent to 11C/per-oz.

    Other duplicate cereals can be found under the Great Value title, including crunchy honey oats and berry crunch. Budget-minded families will find it easier to stretch their budgets a little more.

  • 22. George’s Prepared Foods Provides Excellent Value Bacon
  • Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    George’s Prepared Foods is a Caryville, Tennessee-based firm that produces pork products including bacon for Walmart’s Great Value brand. Walmart’s Great Value bacon tastes better than other brands.

  • Moreishly salty, the Great Value original hickory-smoked bacon costs just $3.47 (per lbs), nearly double the price of Oscar Mayer hardwood smoked bacon priced at $6.98. These prices will be a challenge for big brands!
  • 23. Great Value Bread Is Made By Sara Lee
  • Bread is an essential grocery item in any kitchen. So who makes it? Sara Lee Company produces great-value bread in the exact same factory that their brand Rainbo bread buns, Nature’s Own loafs, and other brands. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when choosing Great Value.

    A 20-ounce loaf, whole wheat bread, costs $1.48. Nature’s Own bread, however, is $10.99. It’s an obvious choice.

  • 24. Land O’Lakes Manufactures Great Value Butter
  • BlueBonnet as well as Land O’Lakes claim to be manufacturing Walmart’s Great Value butter from the very same places they make their own butter products. You can find both butter brands at Walmart, however which brand is more affordable?

    You pay half the price for Land O’Lakes butter (2.57). This is twice the price for the equivalent amount in a double pack (8 sticks) for $5.88. Great Value butter comes at 32.1C per ounce, Land O’Lakes butter goes for 18.4C per ounce.

  • Walmart Canada Corporation and a private label manufacturer make Great Value beef Jerky.
  • . Great Value beef Jerky is a great snack option that doesn’t cost too much. It retails in 10 packs for $9.54 (or 95.5C/ oz). Jack Link’s beefjerky sells for $11.43, but this is a significant discount.

  • 26. Walmart Makes Great Value Milk In Its Dairy Plant
  • Walmart has its own Fort Wayne, Indiana dairy plant that produces gallon-sized jugs with whole milk, skim, plain and chocolate milks to ensure the highest possible pricing.

    Sources indicate that Walmart is also looking at milk coming from 25 other farms in the vicinity of their facility, which would be within 210 mile radius.

    Great Value milk tends to be more affordable than other brands. Parmalat milk, on the other hand, is more expensive at 7C/per fluid ounce. Great Value wholemilk costs $3.57/flavour ounce which amounts to 3.57 cents per gallon.

  • 27. Great Value Mayonnaise Made By Kraft
  • If you’re a fan of mayonnaise, you’ll be glad to hear the rumors suggesting that worldwide brand Kraft is the manufacturer of Great Value Mayonnaise! These products are only different in their price.

    For a 42 fluid ounce container of mayonnaise, you can expect to spend $3.88 (or nearly $1 for Kraft’s equivalent)

    Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)

    Which Countries Are Great for Value?

    Walmart seldom labels Great Value products with the location of the manufacture. Walmart does assure customers, however that the products they sell are made in America by American suppliers. These great-value product producers are found in America as well as Canada.

    Do Great Value and Good Brands Go Together?

    Many Great Value products can be made from the same companies that make big-name brands. Great Value grocery products are made with the same ingredients as branded items, so you won’t notice any difference in flavor. Great Value products are affordable and stand out from other brands.

    To learn more, you can see our other posts on why Walmart is so cheap and where Walmart sources its beef and chicken from.

  • Conclusion
  • ConAgra and Sara Lee have the most well-known brands of Great Value groceries such as peanut butter, salsa, and coffee. Walmart produces milk at its dairy plant in Fort Wayne. Meanwhile, Great Value laundry detergent and cleaning essentials are made by Agaia. Danon, McCormick and Wells are also manufacturers.

    Where does Walmart get its great value products from?

    The Great Value brand is not a store or house brand. It’s a labeling system that allows for the packaging of items made by various agricultural and food companies, like ConAgra and Sara Lee. In addition to selling products under their own brands, it also offers exclusive products for…

    Who Is The Manufacturer Of Great Value?

    ConAgra is known for producing Great Value products. ConAgra operates a U.S.-based milling company that produces Great Value flour. Walmart’s choice is also the most economical on the supermarket market. This flour is made in Canada and the U.S.

    What makes great value half and half?


    Walmart Great Value Brand:

    Walmart’s flagship retail brand with hundreds of consumable household items, Great Value is highly developed. The line covers sliced breads, frozen vegetables and dinners.

    .Who Makes Great Value Products For Walmart? (27 Products Listed!)