Citracal Slow Release 1200, 1200 Mg Calcium Citrate And Calcium Carbonate Blend With 1000 Iu Vitamin D3, Bone Health Supplement For Adults, Once Daily Caplets, 80 Count

Citracal Slow Release 1200, 1200 mg Calcium Citrate and Calcium Carbonate Blend with 1000 IU Vitamin D3, Bone Health Supplement for Adults, Once Daily Caplets, 80 Count
Shortly after ingesting this product, you will feel a spike in energy and an increased alertness. This product is also known to help with weight loss, joint pain, and overall bone health.
  • Citracal Slow Release 1200 Is A Sugar Free Calcium Supplement; Blending 1200 Mg Of Calcium Carbonate And Citrate Per Serving As Part Of Your Overall Wellness And Fitness Regimen; Just 2 Caplets A Day
  • Importance Of Calcium Petites Is Made With Calcium Citrate.
  • With Vitamin D3 And Magnesium 1000 Iu Vitamin D3 Helps To Absorb Dietary Calcium; Also Contains 80 Mg Of Magnesium
  • Slo-Cal Technology Slowly And Continuously Releases Small Amounts Of Calcium And Vitamin D3 For Efficient Absorption In One Daily Dose
  • Calcium Brand Recommended Citracal Is The Doctor And Pharmacist Recommended Calcium Brand
  • During The Summer Months Products May Arrive Warm But Amazon Stores And Ships Products In Accordance With Manufacturers Recommendations When Provided.

Looking to add some extra calcium to your daily routine? Look no further than Citracal Slow Release 1200! This sugar-free calcium supplement is made with Calcium Carbonate and Citrate, which helps to provide your body with the essential mineral. Plus, it comes with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 to help absorb the calcium. Plus, it also contains 80 mg of magnesium to help support your bone health.

Plantfusion Calcium Vegan Vitamin 1,000 Mg | Supports Bone Density And Strength With Mineralized Red Algae, Plant Based, Gluten And Soy Free, Dietary Supplement, 1 Month Supply, 90 Tablets

PlantFusion Calcium Vegan Vitamin 1,000 mg | Supports Bone Density and Strength with Mineralized Red Algae, Plant Based, Gluten and Soy Free, Dietary Supplement, 1 Month Supply, 90 Tablets
PlantFusion Calcium Vegan Vitamin 1,000 mg | Supports Bone Density and Strength with Mineralized Red Algae, Plant Based, Gluten and Soy Free, Dietary Supplement, 1 Month Supply, 90 Tablets
  • Crafted Clean Vegan And 100% Plant Based Supplement Is Free Of Sugar Dairy Wheat Gluten Eggs Peanuts Soy Tree Nuts Fish Shellfish Preservatives Artificial Colors Or Flavors.
  • Promotes Bone Growth Density And Strength Specially Formulated Dietary Supplement To Support Bone Density & Strength.
  • Premium Red Algae Contains Aquamin Mineralized Red Algae Is Collected In The Pristine Artic Waters Of Iceland. It Is Rich In Calcium Magnesium And 72 Trace Minerals.
  • Helps To Mineralize Bone Cells Aquamin Helps To Mineralize Bone Cells And Supports Bone Density And Strength.
  • Improves Absorption 1000Mg Of Calcium Per Serving Plus 72 Trace Minerals Improves The Absorption Of Calcium And Increases Bone Mineralization. 3 Months Supply. As A Dietary Supplement Adults Take Three (3) Tables Daily Preferably With A Meal Or As Directed By A Health Care Professional. Store In A Cool Dry Place Away From Direct Light.
  • During The Summer Months Products May Arrive Warm But Amazon Stores And Ships Products In Accordance With Manufacturers Recommendations When Provided.

Looking for a vegan and gluten free supplement that will help support your bone density and strength? Look no further than PlantFusion Calcium Vegan Vitamin 1,000 mg! This supplement is made with Aquamin mineralized red algae and is free of soy, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, and other allergens. It also contains 1,000mg of calcium per serving, which is sure to help improve the absorption of this important mineral.

Pure Encapsulations Calcium (Citrate) | Supplement For Bones And Teeth, Colon Health, And Cardiovascular Support* | 180 Capsules

Pure Encapsulations Calcium (Citrate) | Supplement for Bones and Teeth, Colon Health, and Cardiovascular Support* | 180 Capsules
Ingredients: Calcium citrate, cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, saccharin.
  • Heart Health Highly Absorbable Calcium Which Supports Cardiovascular Health.*
  • Colon Health Additionally Calcium Has Been Associated With Supporting Colon Health*
  • Bone Support Calcium In The Citrate Forms Are Highly Bioavailable Calcium Supplements Providing Support For Bone Cardiovascular And Colon Health.*
  • Pure Quality Our Supplements Are Made With Only Premium Ingredients Sourced From Trusted Suppliers And Guided By Our Nutritional Experts Then Carefully Manufactured And Tested To Verify Their Potency And Purity.
  • Pure Difference What Makes Us Different Isnt Just Our Process Or What Goes Into Our Supplements — What We Leave Out Matters Too. Pure Encapsulations Products Are Free From Wheat Eggs Tree Nuts & Peanuts Gluten Artificial Colors Flavors & Sweeteners Coatings And Shellacs Gmos And Unnecessary Binders Fillers & Preservatives.

Looking for a high-quality calcium supplement? Look no further than Pure Encapsulations Calcium (Citrate)! Our supplements are made with only premium ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers and guided by our nutritional experts, then carefully manufactured and tested to verify their potency and purity. Plus, they’re free from wheat, eggs, tree nuts & peanuts, gluten, artificial colors, flavors & sweeteners, coatings and shellacs, GMOs, and unnecessary binders, fillers & preservatives. So why wait? Order your Pure Encapsulations Calcium (Citrate) today!

Puritan’S Pride Absorbable Calcium With Vitamin D 3 1000Iu Softgels, 1200 Mg, 200 Count

Puritan’s Pride Absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D 3 1000iu Softgels, 1200 mg, 200 Count
The Absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D 3 1000iu Softgels from The Puritan’s Pride is a high-quality product that is designed to promote bone health. The softgels are gluten free and provide the raw material for strong teeth. The Absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D 3 1000iu Softgels is a 3 month supply.
  • Highest Quality Vitamins And Supplements Since 1973
  • Promotes Bone Health
  • Provides The Raw Material For Strong Teeth
  • Gluten Free
  • 3 Month Supply
  • During The Summer Months Products May Arrive Warm But Amazon Stores And Ships Products In Accordance With Manufacturers Recommendations When Provided.

Looking for a high quality calcium supplement? Look no further than Puritan’s Pride! This product provides the raw material for strong teeth and is gluten free. Plus, it comes in a 3 month supply!

Calcium Supplement With Vitamin D3 – High Potency 1300Mg Calcium Carbonate Supports Bone Health & Vitamin D3 For Immune Support & Fast Absorption – Non-Gmo, For Women & Men – 120 Tablets

Calcium Supplement with Vitamin D3 – High Potency 1300mg Calcium Carbonate Supports Bone Health & Vitamin D3 for Immune Support & Fast Absorption – Non-GMO, for Women & Men – 120 Tablets
Calcium Supplement with Vitamin D3 – High Potency 1300mg Calcium Carbonate Supports Bone Health & Vitamin D3 for Immune Support & Fast Absorption – Non-GMO, for Women & Men – 120 Tablets
  • Bone Support Supplement 1300Mg Of Calcium Carbonate Per Serving Supports Bone Health
  • For Everyone A Convenient Way For Men And Women Including Pregnant Nursing Or Postmenopausal Women To Meet Their Daily Calcium Needs
  • High Absorption 20Mcg Of Vitamin D3 For Improved Absorption And To Support Immune Health
  • Trusted Formula Bottled In The Usa Following Strict Cgmp Guidelines; Third Party Reviewed To Ensure Quality And Purity
  • Related Calcium Supplement Natures Nutrition 1300Mg 1000Mg 1200Mg 50 60 Absorption Absorbed Best Bone Bones Cal Cacium Calciu Calcum Calcuum Calicum Calium Calsium Calcio Calcuim Carbonate D D3 Daily Dosage Easy Elderly For Form Good Health High Huesos Kids Made Men Mg Mujeres Natural Nature Natures Nutrition Natures Over Plus Powder Pregnancy Pregnant Prenatal Release Senior Slow Small Strength Supplement Swallow Tablets Take Teeth Vegetarian Vit Vitamin Vitamina Vitamins With Woman Women

Looking for a high-quality calcium supplement with Vitamin D3? Look no further than Nature’s Nutrition’s Calcium Carbonate with Vitamin D3! This supplement provides 1300mg of Calcium Carbonate per serving, which is enough to support bone health. Additionally, 20mcg of Vitamin D3 is included to support immune health and absorption. This product is manufactured in the USA following strict cGMP guidelines, and has been reviewed by third party experts to ensure quality and purity.

Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium – 1:1 Ca To Mg Ratio – With Vitamin D3 – Supplement For Men And Women – Berry Flavor – Gluten Free – 16 Fl Oz

Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium – 1:1 Ca to Mg Ratio – with Vitamin D3 – Supplement for Men and Women – Berry Flavor – Gluten Free – 16 fl oz
Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium is a supplement for men and women that is designed to provide 500 mg of calcium and magnesium in absorbable citrate form. It is gluten free and xylitol free.
  • Liquid Calcium Magnesium Supplement Contains Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) And Boron For Additional Support
  • Each Tablespoon Provides 500 Mg Of Calcium And Magnesium In Absorbable Citrate Form
  • Xylitol-Free. Does Not Contain Vitamin K. 11 Ratio Of Calcium To Magnesium For Proper Absorption*
  • No Sugar Salt Yeast Wheat Soy Dairy Products Or Artificial Colors Or Flavors. Gluten Free

Looking for a calcium and magnesium supplement that has a 1:1 calcium to magnesium ratio for optimal absorption? Look no further than Integrative Therapeutics Liquid Calcium Magnesium! This supplement contains cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and boron for additional support, making it a great choice for men and women who want to improve their bone health. Plus, it’s gluten free and xylitol-free, so you can be sure it’s safe for those with dietary restrictions.

Algae Based Calcium 1,000Mg Icelandic Red Algae 180 Tabs – Plant-Based Calcium Supplement With Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin K2 + D3 – All Natural Ingredients To Be Highly Absorbable

Algae Based Calcium 1,000Mg Icelandic Red Algae 180 Tabs – Plant-Based Calcium Supplement with Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin K2 + D3 – All Natural Ingredients to be Highly Absorbable
Ingredient: Algae, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Trace Minerals.
  • ✅ Pure Organic Vegan Calcium Magnesium – Highly Bioavailable Calcium Supplement Delivers 1000Mg Of Earths Best Calcium Derived From Icelandic Red Algae. Formula Also Provides Vegan Magnesium Complex Vitamins D-3 & K-2 Boron & Other Trace Minerals Organic Vegan & Red Algae Blend. Bottle Includes A 30 Day Supply Of Calcium Magnesium Tablet Pills.
  • ✅ Powerful Joint & Bone Benefits You Can Feel – Triple Strength Calcium Magnesium With Natural Trace Minerals To Support Joint And Bone Health. Vegan Calcium Magnesium Is Known To Provide Enhanced Bone Strength & Density Effects Superior To Synthetic Calcium And Magnesium Sources.
  • ✅ Best-In-Class Formula – The Most Superior – Vegan Calcium Magnesium From Wild Grown Organic Red Algae A Superior Source To Traditional Calcium Magnesium Supplements. Vegan Bone & Joint Supplement For Women And Men Of All Ages.
  • ✅ Quality And Potency Guaranteed – Highly Purified Vegan / Vegetarian 100% Gluten Free Dairy Free Iron Free Zinc Free With No Fillers Artificial Preservatives Colors Or Flavors. Made Under Strict Quality Control Standards In Fda Registered Gmp-Certified Usa Facilities Using The Best Lab Tested Ingredients To Ensure Maximum Potency And Quality – Best Vegan Calcium Magnesium Supplement Joint Supplement.

Looking for a vegan calcium magnesium supplement that delivers 1000mg of earths best calcium? Look no further than our Icelandic red algae based calcium 1,000mg supplement. Our all natural formula includes vegan magnesium, vitamins D-3 & K-2, boron & other trace minerals, and is gluten free, dairy free, iron free, and zinc free. Our quality and potency is guaranteed, and our supplements are made in FDA registered, GMP-certified USA facilities.

Calcium Gummies Sugar Free With Vitamin D3 – Highly Concentrated Calcium Carbonate And Vitamin D Gummy Chews Support Bones And Teeth – Non-Gmo, Tasty Orange Flavor, For Everyone – 60 Gummies

Calcium Gummies Sugar Free with Vitamin D3 – Highly Concentrated Calcium Carbonate and Vitamin D Gummy Chews Support Bones and Teeth – Non-GMO, Tasty Orange Flavor, for Everyone – 60 Gummies
60 sugar free Calcium Gummies with Vitamin D3 are the perfect way to support your bones and teeth. These tasty gummies are packed withCalcium Carbonate plus Vitamin D3 for maximum absorption. The Nature’s Nutrition sugar free Calcium Gummies are also vegan, gluten free, and sugar free.
  • Calcium Gummies – Sugar Free Natural Bone And Joint Support Supplement For Adults Packed With Calcium Carbonate Plus Vitamin D3
  • Includes Vitamin D3 Also Known As Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3 Maximizes Calcium Absorption
  • Start A Delicious Routine Replenish Calcium With A Fruity Orange Flavored Sugar Free Gummy That Is Easy To Eat And Tastes Great
  • Trusted Formula Non-Gmo And Third Party Reviewed By An Independent Laboratory For Purity And Quality
  • Formulated For Everyone Natures Nutrition Makes Our Chewable Vegetarian Gummy Vitamin Bites For Women Men Seniors Teens And Kids

Looking for a healthy and tasty way to support your bones and teeth? Try Nature’s Nutrition’s Calcium Gummies! These delicious sugar free gummies are packed with calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 to help support your bones and teeth. Plus, they’re GMO free and Tasty Orange flavor for everyone to enjoy.

Bone Builder Joint Supplements For Women – Increased Bone Health Plus New Growth – Bone Strength Formula – Organic Bone Care For Max Raw Absorption Boost – Feel New Life & Alive

Bone Builder Joint Supplements for Women – Increased Bone Health Plus New Growth – Bone Strength Formula – Organic Bone Care for Max Raw Absorption Boost – Feel New Life & Alive
Bone Builder Joint Supplements for Women – Increased Bone Health Plus New Growth – Bone Strength Formula – Organic Bone Care for Max Raw Absorption Boost – Feel New Life & Alive Essential for good teeth & bone health, to assist in bone formation, bone repair, maintenance and prevention of bone degradation. Calcium and Vitamin D are linked to a reducing the risk in the rate of bone loss for persons with a family history of the disease, post-menopausal women, and elderly men and women. Feel New and Alive again with Natures Nectar’s Max absorption formula with our Bone Supplements SUPPORT FOR BONE HEALTH: Our bodies require raw calcium to do several important tasks including helping to clot blood properly, support nerve health, and help support muscle health. Calcium is also important when it comes to bone and teeth health. The clinically-studied ingredients found in Natures Nectar’s Bone Builder have been shown to: Stimulate slow Bone Growth, Increase Bone Strength, and Increase Bone Mineral Density. GENTLE + EASY TO DIGEST: Natures Nectar’s Bone Builder is made with essential vitamins and minerals that are easy-to-digest and gentle on the body, even when taken on an empty stomach. These natural pills contain pure magnesium, strontium to help max boost absorption rates and open a new chapter so you can continue to grow and restore your bone strength OUR 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – As with all of our products, we offer a 60-DAY 100% Money Back Guarantee – return even the empty bottles! We are so confident that you will love our Bone Builder Supplement that we’ll refund every penny if you don’t like it. Simply contact Natures Nectar directly for a full refund. What do you have to lose?
  • Essential For Good Teeth & Bone Health To Assist In Bone Formation Bone Repair Maintenance And Prevention Of Bone Degradation. Calcium And Vitamin D Are Linked To A Reducing The Risk In The Rate Of Bone Loss For Persons With A Family History Of The Disease Post-Menopausal Women And Elderly Men And Women. Feel New And Alive Again With Natures Nectars Max Absorption Formula With Our Bone Supplements
  • Support For Bone Health Our Bodies Require Raw Calcium To Do Several Important Tasks Including Helping To Clot Blood Properly Support Nerve Health And Help Support Muscle Health. Calcium Is Also Important When It Comes To Bone And Teeth Health.
  • The Clinically-Studied Ingredients Found In Natures Nectar’S Bone Builder Have Been Shown To Stimulate Slow Bone Growth Increase Bone Strength And Increase Bone Mineral Density.
  • Gentle + Easy To Digest Natures Nectar’S Bone Builder Is Made With Essential Vitamins And Minerals That Are Easy-To-Digest And Gentle On The Body Even When Taken On An Empty Stomach. These Natural Pills Contain Pure Magnesium Strontium To Help Max Boost Absorption Rates And Open A New Chapter So You Can Continue To Grow And Restore Your Bone Strength
  • Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee – As With All Of Our Products We Offer A 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – Return Even The Empty Bottles! We Are So Confident That You Will Love Our Bone Builder Supplement That Well Refund Every Penny If You Dont Like It. Simply Contact Natures Nectar Directly For A Full Refund. What Do You Have To Lose?

Natures Nectar’s Bone Builder Joint Supplements are the perfect solution for women who want to increase their bone health and growth. Our natural ingredients have been shown to stimulate slow bone growth, increase bone strength, and increase bone mineral density, making our supplements gentle and easy to digest. Our 100% money-back guarantee guarantees that you’ll be happy with our Bone Builder Supplement.

Best Calcium Supplement For Women

best calcium supplement for women

Exercise To Strengthen Bones

It is important to be active, and keep fit. Particularly beneficial for bone health are weight-bearing activities like walking, running and weight training.

It is possible to move more throughout the day, which can also help with bone health. Research shows that women who sit more than nine hours per day are fifty percent more likely have hip fractures than those who are more active. There are many ways you can get more exercise and to stand up. You can park further away from the buildings and take the stairs, or pace yourself while you are on the phone.

Most women will choose to forgo calcium supplements and focus on strengthening bones by focusing their weight-bearing exercises instead. You should still consult your doctor if supplements seem necessary.

How do you find calcium sources that are best?

The fact that milk products, such as cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium, is well known. These foods may not be the most effective way to obtain the daily recommended amount of calcium. The Journal of Nutrition points out that consuming a high amount of animal protein may prevent your body from properly absorption calcium. Many nutritionists recommend that women get calcium from nondairy sources, such as canned fish with edible bones and salmon, or sardines. They also suggest eating fruits and vegetables, like spinach, oranges and kale. Additionally, you can get calcium from beans like soybeans and white bean, as well as other foods such dried figs (blackstrap molasses), sesame and seaweed.

However, if you’re like most women, the amount of calcium you consume through these foods may not be enough to fulfill your body’s daily needs. One serving of calcium rich food usually provides 300 mgs. We live busy lives and it is difficult to make certain we have enough calcium. It will make your brain relax and maintain your bone health by choosing the best calcium supplement.

best calcium supplement for women

Food Considerations

These are the factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a calcium supplements. 5,6 Elemental Calcium: The body uses elemental calcium for bone growth, and other health benefits. Therefore it is important to know the exact amount in the supplement. You can find out how much calcium is in one tablet (or in one of the tablets) by looking at the calcium supplement label. One example: 500mg elemental calcium is contained in 1,250 mg calcium carbonate (40%).

Supplement Choice: Some people cannot tolerate certain calcium supplements owing to side effects such as gas, constipation, and bloating. You may have to test several brands and types before you find one that works best for you. Calcium carbonate tends to be the least constipating. But it also has the highest level of calcium, and it is usually the least expensive. Calcium phosphate does not cause gas or constipation, but it is more expensive than calcium carbonate. Calcium citrate has the easiest absorption rate and doesn’t need stomach acid. It is also more expensive and lacks much elemental. The best way for women to get their calcium is through their diets as well as supplements.

Calcium supplements are available in a variety of dosage forms, including chewable tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders. For those who struggle swallowing pills, chewable and liquid calcium supplements are available.

Drug Interactions. Calcium supplements might interact with some prescription medications. These include blood pressure medication(calcium channel blockers), artificial thyroid hormones (bisphosphonates), and antibiotics. To discuss possible interactions with drugs and to recommend calcium supplements, pharmacists can be a great resource.

Bioavailability refers to the capacity of the human body for calcium absorption. To increase calcium absorption, small amounts (500mg at a given time) should be taken. Individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases, people with low stomach acid or individuals over 50 who take antacids and proton pump inhibitors (or those with low stomach acids) should consume calcium citrate. It can be taken with or without food.

Cost and Quality: The Federal Trade Commission holds supplement manufacturers responsible for ensuring that their supplements are safe and their claims are truthful. Many companies might have their products evaluated using U.S. Pharmacopeia(USP) standards. Supplements that bear the USP abbreviation meet standards for quality assurance.

How effective are calcium supplements?

Many research studies have confirmed that calcium supplementation can prevent bone loss, and even reduce the risk of fractures. But recent research indicates they may be less effective than previously believed. These are some relevant studies: A meta-analysis of 59 randomised controlled trials from 2015 concluded that calcium supplementation and dietary calcium increased bone mineral density (BMD) by small amounts.

BMD could be increased by increasing calcium intake by 0.6-11% at the hips, total body, at one-year and 0.7-1.8% in two years.

BMD was increased by calcium supplements by 0.7%-1.8% in all four of the sites. It also rose by 1.8% to the forearm. The results were repeated at 2 and 2.5 years.

It was found that the results of taking more calcium into your diet and taking calcium supplements were very similar.

The US Preventative Task Force released a meta-analysis of sixteen randomised controlled trials of calcium 1000mg/day and vitamin D in 2014; it concluded that these supplements reduce fracture risk by 12%.

A 2007 meta-analysis of 29 randomised controlled trials, including 63,897 postmenopausal women, looking at calcium and vitamin D for bone loss and fracture prevention had very positive findings. Researchers found a significant 12% decrease in fracture risk and an annual reduction of bone loss at the hip (0.54%) and at the spine (1.9%). In studies where women had over 80% compliance with treatment, fracture risk was reduced by even further – by 24%. Best effects were seen with calcium at doses of 1000-1200 mg/day and vitamin D of 800IU or higher.

The British Medical Journal published in 2015 a systematic review that examined the evidence supporting increasing calcium intake by supplementation or diet to reduce fractures. They concluded that calcium supplementation was not effective at decreasing fractures. They did however report a 11% decrease in fracture risk overall and a 11% decrease in the number of vertebral fractures due to calcium supplements. Their view, however, was that these findings were not meaningful, largely because they felt many of the clinical trials, they studied, were biased towards finding a favourable outcome. Bias means the investigators were influenced in some way to favour the product being studied. They also noted that many study participants had difficulty adhering to treatment, and they observed a 40%-60% dropout rate. They also drew attention to the fact that small numbers of women experience gastrointestinal side effects from calcium or may develop kidney stones.

How Much Calcium Does a Woman Need?

Perhaps you remember the calcium minimum that women must consume daily, 1,200 mg/day for over-50s and 1,000 mg/day for younger women. You followed this regimen to maintain your bones.

What Calcium Type is the Best?

Calcium citrate, which is most readily absorbed and doesn’t require stomach acid to absorb, is more expensive than other calcium supplements and it does not have much elemental. July 15, 2015

Which Calcium Tablets Are Best

  1. #1. HealthKart HK Vitals Calcium – 60 Tablets – Unflavoured
  2. #2. TrueBasics Advance Calcium VitaminD3 & K2MK7 30 Tablet(s). Unflavoured
  3. #3. HealthKart HK Vitals calcium – 60 tablets
  4. #4. Amway Nutrilite Cal Mag D Plus – 90 tablet(s) Unflavoured.
  5. #5.
  6. #6.
  7. #7.
  8. #8.
.Best Calcium Supplement For Women
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