Tp Link X60 Review

tp link x60 review


Only a few Ethernet ports are available for main satellite

There is no dedicated backhaul

Wireless mesh network

Wi-Fi 6 (4-stream 2404Mbps 5GHz, 2-stream 574Mbps 2.4GHz)

Two Gigabit Ethernet ports per satellite

We have seen a rapid increase in Wi-Fi6 mesh systems. But the TP-Link Deco X60, which I first tested with three satellites, is unique.

Also, the price of Wi-Fi 6 is starting to drop.

tp link x60 review


One thing that hasn’t changed in the past few years is the landscape of competition. Prices of rival mesh systems such as those from Amazon and Google have fallen. TP-Link appears to have increased some of their prices. TP Link still offers meshes at a lower price than others but it isn’t nearly as expensive as they used to.

Wi-Fi 6 pricing starts at around $250 for either a 2 or 3 node mesh. This price is much lower than that of most competitors.

Do you really want Wi-Fi 6, now? It’s likely that you don’t have Wi-Fi 6, unless your system has been upgraded. You might want to wait if you are interested in Wi-Fi 6.

It is my practice to not use devices and services provided by companies that bundle and sell information. As near as I can tell, TP-Link doesn’t vacuum up user data for resale. So, even though the price is a little more competitive than it used to be, I still like the TP Link business model.

You are looking for Wi Fi 6 mesh at a low price? Consider the TP-Link Deco X20 or X60 systems. These systems have worked for me.

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tp link x60 review

Tp-Link’S Deco Mesh Routers Get A Wi-Fi 6 Upgrade In 2020

TP-Link has brought a number of Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router Systems to Las Vegas. These are the details on each of them.

The TP Link Deco X20 WiFi 6 mesh router will go on sale for $200 this March.

This article is part of CES. Our editors will be bringing you all the latest news from CES 2022.

After leaving us hanging for details in 2019, TP-Link is taking to the CES 2020 show floor to debut new Deco mesh router systems that support 802.11ax — also known as Wi-Fi 6 With Wi-Fi 6 support, the new Deco systems will offer faster top speeds than before. The TP Link Deco X90 mesh router offers the highest speeds (and is also the most expensive at $450 for a pair). It has speeds of 574 megabits per se on the 2.4GHz band, 1,201Mbps and 5,804Mbps respectively on the fiveGHz bands.

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Deco X90 is the fastest new Deco system and will go on sale April.

The first of the two other new systems is the dual-band TP-Link Deco X60, which eliminates the backhaul, but still offers top speeds of up to 2,402Mbps on the 5GHz channel. For a pair, the price drops to $270.

tp link x60 review

Review of Tp-Link DecoX60 while Home Wifi6 Mesh Router Australian Review

We recommend that all consumers get Mesh capable systems that support WiFi 6, whether they’re upgrading their existing system or installing their first WiFi. You will need several nodes even if there isn’t a lot of them, but having the option to add Mesh routing devices to an existing setup can be incredibly useful.

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There is no doubt that WiFi revolutionised technology, freed of the need to plug into a wired network, consumer technology exploded. The best WiFi is not able to match a basic wired network, so we decided to choose a router equipped with wired backhaul.

Backhaul is the term for moving data between your WiFi routers and your modem/ switch. We were inspired by these options to review the TP Link Deco Mesh WiFi 6 Wireless Routers. We’ve been reviewing TP-Link Deco X60 routers since a few months.

I moved from a Nest WiFi set-up to the Deco X60, which was not stable after I connected a few IoT devices. Let’s see how the TP-Link Deco X60 does. Keep reading for more information.

Is Deco X60 A Tri Band?

While the Deco X60 may seem expensive compared with other Wi-Fi 5 mesh system, its dual-band design means that it is not as costly as some tri-band systems (like the Netgear Oblivi). The X60 claims that it covers 7,000 sq. feet or 650m2 of Wi-Fi spectrum.

How many TpLink DecoX60s Can You Connect to?

You can connect up to 150 devices: With revolutionary OFDMMA and MU-MIMO technology, your router will communicate more information to other devices.

How Far Apart Are Deco X60?

Q2: How far should each Deco unit be placed from the other? The wireless Deco should not exceed 50 feet of the Deco device.Jul 20, 2020

Does Deco X60 Need A Modem?

A: Deco is intended to be used in place of most routers at home. Deco may be used with the modem that your older router requires to access the Internet.

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.Tp Link X60 Review

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