Tp Link Deco M9 Review

Tp Link Deco M9 Review

tp link deco m9 review

Engenius Enmesh Whole House Wi-Fi System (Emr3000-Kit).

Check out our EnGenius EnMesh Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems (EMR3000-Kit). Each node has a quad-core CPU and 4GB flash memory. There is also 512MB RAM. Six Wi-Fi antennas are included, including a Zigbee antenna and a Bluetooth antenna. There is also a Wi-Fi radio with two 5GHz frequencies, as well as two radios that use 2.4GHz Wi Fi. One band in the 5GHz range is for dedicated backhaul, which can be used by the system to send data from node-2-node. The other two bands are available for use as on-demand backhaul if necessary.

An AC2200 system, the Deco M9 can reach maximum data link speeds of 400Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 867Mbps on each of the 5GHz bands. Band-steering must be used, so you cannot separate radio bands. The system can support multi-user multiple input multiple output (MUMIMO) data streaming. Clients are able to transmit data concurrently and simultaneously. Additionally, beamforming allows clients to send data direct rather than across a large spectrum.

Use your M9 Plus’s many wireless radios for control and connection to home automation devices like Kwikset smart doors locks.

Smart lights available from TP-Link. Cree. Philips. GE. Smart switch from TP-Link. Centralite. Numerous sensors including door/window sensors. Leak detectors such as SmartThings. Nest Protect Smoke/CO and Nest thermostats can be controlled by the device. It does not have the Z-Wave radio you receive with the Samsung Connect Home AC1300 smart Wi-Fi system. You can also use Amazon Alexa voice commands for certain network functions, like turning off guest networking or enabling QoS presets. IFTTT applets can be used to connect smart devices to other web services. To turn your lights on or off when Uber comes to your home, and for the colors of your favorite teams’ winnings, an applet could be made.

As with the Deco M5, the M9 Plus comes with the Trend Micro-powered HomeCare protection service, which is similar to the Ai Protection service that you get with the Asus Lyra Trio . Both offer malware and virus protection and will automatically quarantine infected devices before they get a chance to infect your network, and both offer excellent parental controls with website filtering and access scheduling. TP-Link HomeCare can last three years without you having to pay an additional annual subscription, while AiProtection will be available for a lifetime.

The TP-Link Deco mobile app is a well-designed app that can be used to control everything. The Overview screen contains the name of your network, along with an internet icon. To see details about each node’s health (online, offline), tap this icon. There are two buttons, Antivirus or Parental Controls. To enable the Intrusion Prevention System which scans for vulnerabilities, protects against external attacks and provides protection from them), and Malicious Content Filtering and Infected Device Quintine options, click the AntiVirus icon.

To access Parental Controls, tap on the button. This will open a screen where users can be created and Filter Levels assigned (Child, Teen, Teen, or Adult). Each level has a different degree protection. As an example, the Child level will block users from accessing sites that may contain gambling, sex education or social networking.

tp link deco m9 review

What’s the Tplink Deco M9 Mesh WiFi System?

It’s long since gone that you were forced to endure Wi-Fi Blackspots inside your own home. No more screams from the corner of your bedroom, indicating that one family member’s streaming services has crashed again. With the latest Mesh Wi-Fi systems available from all the big players such as Google, Linksys, BT, Netgear and TP-Link there are options to suit a wide range of budgets and home sizes.

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We reviewed the Netgear Orbi RBK23 Wi-Fi System in October 2018. It included three units and was large enough to provide sufficient coverage for a home. The Netgear Orbi RBK23 Mesh Wi-Fi system won our AVForums Recommended Award. It provided excellent performance, with a good specification. Another Mesh Wi-Fi product is our review today, but this time it’s from TP-Link.

Their Deco M9 Plus Mesh Wi-Fi system, available for PS280, comprises of two Tri-Band AC2200 units, each with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports creating a mesh network that covers up to 4500 square feet. It can connect over 100 devices, and acts as a Smart Hub through Zigbee and Bluetooth. But is the price worth it? Check out our ….. tests to find out how the device performed.

tp link deco m9 review

Tp-Link M9 Plus Review: Cool Mesh WiFi and Smart Home Techniques

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The best method to receive strong Wi-Fi signal throughout your home is wireless mesh Wi FI. However, with many systems doing similar things, choosing the right one can be difficult.

It is nice to have something a bit more in the TP Link Deco M9 Plus.

As with its predecessor, the Deco M5, the M9 Plus isn’t just about getting wireless everywhere, but also about building a smart home with built-in Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Tri-band wireless has been added to the version. This allows you to connect between satellites using a dedicated 5GHz backhaul.

Compare it to Samsung SmartThings. Read on for our review.

tp link deco m9 review

Tp–Link Deco (M9+) Review. Price And Competition

At a launch price of PS350, the Deco M9 Plus is the most expensive mesh networking system we’ve reviewed.

Zyxel’s Multy X system provides similar coverage, but for PS100 less. A three-pack of TP Link Deco M5 discs will cost you just PS200. Alternatively, the three-node BT Whole Home Wi-Fi extender system can be yours for just PS189.

The Deco M9 Plus is a superior product to all its competitors due to the built-in Smart-Home Hub. Performance, however, is also excellent. These benefits are worth the extra cost.

TP-Link Smart Hub/Whole Home WiFi Mesh Kit – Buy Now

tp link deco m9 review

Tp-Link Deco M9 Plus Review: Performance

As I’ve mentioned, the Deco M9 Plus has an extra radio compared to the M5, and it also boasts eight antennae packed into each little disc – twice as many as its predecessor. These should both translate to better performance, and in use I was certainly happy with the speed of the Deco M9 Plus kit. As part of my file-copy testing, I transmitted a 100MB folder over the wireless internet. The same-room transfer speeds reached a remarkable 24MB/sec, which is the most I have measured for any mesh network.

Moreover, Deco worked flawlessly as I ventured outside my living room into the remote parts of my home. The Deco system was very responsive when I moved up the stairs to the upstairs bedroom. My test computer switched over to the secondary Deco router that I placed in central kitchen. This time, download speeds were excellent at 24MB/sec. Even in the bathroom at the rear of the house, where I normally get a flaky 1.6MB/sec connection from my regular router, the Deco network gave me a super-slick 19MB/sec.

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The upstream speed was predictable, as my laptop does not have such a powerful transmitter. But I still managed to get an 11MB/sec stream from the livingroom and 10MB/sec everywhere else.

Deco’s coverage impressed me so much that I tried to see if the signal could reach my outdoor terrace. The answer was technically correct, however, it was not reliable. It was also slow, at an average rate of 1.4MB/sec. While the speed of downloads in the bedroom was much faster when it was moved to the rear of our house, the speeds in the bathroom were now at 5MB/sec. 8MB/sec.

Deco M9 Plus can cover a large area with Wi Fi, but you may have to compromise on performance if your home is larger.

TP Link Deco M9 Plus review : Verdict. The Deco M9 Plus mesh networking system was the fastest I tested. It also has smart-home controls and built-in antivirus. This is a premium product, and it will not be cheap. Many smart-home owners who have invested hundreds in sensors, lights and appliances won’t mind paying for one that links them all.

tp link deco m9 review


Limited Ethernet ports

– No USB port

TP-Link was the first to enter the mesh network market with their Deco M5 model. It debuted in 2017. The compact deco design of the mesh network kit was highly praised by us in our review. We also lauded the seamless integration with the smartphone app, which made it the most user-friendly. Unfortunately, the product also suffered from lower bandwidth due to a lower priority of gaming traffic during our testing. As a result, our benchmark gaming scores were lower. The true mesh design of the Deco M5, but without a dedicated backhaul solution, caused it to be beat in the benchmarks by several more powerful hub and spoke mesh systems of last year.

Fast forward to 2018, and TP-Link has released their second effort in the mesh router market. TP-Link has gone ahead and created a new mesh-only model of the Deco M9 Plus. You can see these specs.

802.11ac AC2200 Triband: 2.4GHz: 400 Mb, 5GHz-1 : 867 Mb, 5GHz-2 : 867 Kbps

Dedicated Backhaul over the second 5GHz signal

Integrated smart hub with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee radios

tp link deco m9 review

Tplink Deco-M9 Plus Review: Triband Mesh Wireless System

Mesh WiFi systems continue to gain popularity. This is the ideal way to have great WiFI coverage in your whole home. Multiple WiFi access points can be used together to provide WiFi coverage throughout your entire home.

TP-Link Deco M9Plus is a three-band mesh WiFI network, unlike its dual-band Deco M5 WiFi system. Because it has a third band, the system will also be used as a backhaul dedicated to mesh WiFi networks. It will decrease the load on fronthaul networks, which in turn will result in mesh WiFi speeds up to a greater degree.

The twin pack Deco M9 Plus wireless mesh system retails at RM899. We’ll be reviewing it in this review. TP-Link estimates that it can be used up to 4500 feet. For RM1359 you also have a triple pack option. It is worth considering the twin-pack system, and then only buying the third one separately should the need arise.

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tp link deco m9 review

The Good And The Bad

Bathing every room in your home with beautiful wireless internet is the objective of a mesh system, but it’s not the only thing it can do. Nest WiFi as well as Deco M9 Plus are both mobile-friendly and offer smart speaker function and apps for additional value.

Nest WiFi routers (but not the routers) can be turned into smart speakers by Google Nest. Google Assistant will give you weather information if asked. Like a regular Nest speaker, you can use the Google Assistant to control devices connected to your device. You can also command the Google Home app to play music. Speaking of the app, you have to use that to set up Nest WiFi. As I noted in my review last year, the process only takes a few minutes and is largely painless.

As for performance, Nest WiFi does what it sets out to do. Nest WiFi has made it easy to get wireless internet in my home, which was notoriously hostile. One problem is that the main router doesn’t have any Ethernet ports and the nodes don’t. Nest WiFi can only be used wirelessly.

This isn’t true for TP-Link mesh. The nodes and routers are physical identical. Each one is equipped with two Ethernet ports. They also require a mobile app for setup and management of connected smart devices. The app also has Alexa support. It isn’t something I tried personally, but PCMag did a great review of it. It was rated as one of the top mesh systems in 2020.

This device apparently recognises compatible devices, such as smart thermostats and can be used to control them without difficulty. PCMag’s review also noted the Deco M9 Plus’s excellent performance. This included the fact that the signal was strong, even from 30 yards away. You can theoretically also unclog WiFi signals by connecting wired devices to each node. Each node contains ethernet ports.

What Tp-Link Deco is the Best?

Deco P9 by T-Link — Best Overall

Is the TpLink M9 router or just a router?

A mesh router like the TP Link Deco M9 Plus has done a great job in making the problem of poor Wi-Fi coverage a distant memory. While multi-unit mesh routers can seem more expensive than others, these units are well worth the investment, even if they eliminate dead-zones. August 9, 2021

Does DecoM9 work as a router?

First, let’s discuss the Deco M9 Plus’s performance as a router. This tri-band 802.11ac device operates one network using the 2.4GHz frequency and two networks using the 5GHz frequency bands. The lower channel in the 5GHz spectrum is used for the first and upper channels are for the second. Jun 19, 2018

What’s the Range For A Deco M9

3. Move your Deco away from electric devices such as Bluetooth, USB 3.0 devices, microwave, etc, which will radiate much noise on the 2.4GHz band and affect the Wi-Fi range of Deco.Jul 20, 2021

.Tp Link Deco M9 Review

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