Tp-Link Ax6000 Review

tp-link ax6000 review

Tp-Link Archer Ax6000 8-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router

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Wi-Fi 6 routers such as the TP Link Archer AX6000 are still on the market. These routers promise better performance and faster speeds. Wi-Fi 6, the next generation Wi-Fi, is a popular choice. It can improve network performance and data flow in crowded areas. Wi-Fi 6 routers tend to be very expensive. They can cost anywhere from $250 up $500 plus. Although the TP-Link Archer AX600’s price is lower, it has impressive specs, such as smart home compatibility and multiple ports. It also boasts the most recent and greatest features. To see how long range routers perform in the real world, I tried the TP Link Archer AX6000.

Does Tps-Link have a reputation for reliability?

I have been using it for only 5 months and so far it is great. Although it would not be suitable for business, I find it to be great for home. Personally, it is not as good as netgear or linksys. Oct 30, 2015

What’s the TpLink Ax6000 Range?

It’s impossible to measure a router’s coverage precisely, but if you live in a home of around 1800 ft2 (167 m2), the Archer AX6000 can cover it with fast Wi-Fi speed throughput when placed in the middle.Apr 9, 2020

Is Tp-Link Ax6000 Wifi 6 Certified?

The TP Link Archer AX6000 802.11ax router is a fast, powerful device that packs a lot in its compact size. The router is still not Wi-Fi certified.

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When was The Tp/Link Ax6000 Launched?

One of several new routers from TP-Link released in 2019, the Archer AX6000 features a 1.8GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of RAM to deliver combined, next-gen speeds of up to 4,800Mbps on the 5GHz band for lots and lots of devices at once.

.Tp-Link Ax6000 Review

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