Tp Link Archer C4000 Tri Band Wi Fi Router Review

Tp Link Archer C4000 Tri Band Wi Fi Router Review

tp link archer c4000 tri band wi fi router review


The Archer C4000 Wireless Router is fast and easy to use. Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive contemplating the The Archer C4000 is an extremely fast wireless router with a lot of features. The level of performance that it can provide is impressively affordable, which is also a good thing. It is fast and reliable, and it works with TIME Fibre and Unifi. You should also make full use of the Homecare Antivirus. If you live in a large house, this is the router that you should get for your home network.

The router performs better than both the C3150X (faster chip) and the C5400X (faster processor). The TP-Link C5400X remains the fastest wireless router of the company. The TP Link Archer C4000, which will retail at RM999 as of the writing of this article, is now available for purchase.

Price Check TPLINK Archer Wireless AC4000 MU–MIMO Triband Router (Refurbished). Price Check TPLINK

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.Tp Link Archer C4000 Tri Band Wi Fi Router Review

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