Tp Link Ac1900 Review

D-Link Corporation

D-Link Systems, Inc.



Networking equipment
Founded March 1986

; 35 years ago




(as Datex Systems Inc.)

1994 (as D-Link Corporation)


Key people
Victor Kuo (Chairman)


DSL/Cable Gateways




Wireless access points



and security

IP cameras
Revenue Decrease


19,383 million (2018)
Number of employees
~2,000 (2018)



tp link ac1900 review

Tp-Link Ac1900 Review

Looking for a router that you can use in your house? If at all you are, we are pleased to notify you that you have come to the right page.

We are glad to introduce to you this wonderful wireless router that has exceeded the expectations of many users in the years past.

It is loaded with features that will regulate the content of your home, including what you can and cannot stream.

These controls include the WPA3 server and VPN server as well as parental controls.

Its efficiency in the area of regulating the substances that children are allowed to consume and have access to has been recognized. This is what has earned it the JD Power Award.

This is a sign that the electronic has indeed met and exceeded the highest levels of customer satisfaction that be in this field.

To fully understand this router, we wrote and dedicated this TPlink ac1900 Archer A9 Review. We hope you will be able understand the router and make an informed decision.

tp link ac1900 review

Tp-Link Archer C9 Reviews (Ac1900 Wireless Router).

CLICK HERE FOR A PRICE – Nowadays, almost all electronic gadgets such as laptops and smartphones are compatible 802.11ac technology. It is well-known that router makers equip their devices using this technology. MU’MIMO is also an important technology. It powers your router and brings many benefits to you.

AC technology is now widespread and popular. It is important to upgrade the router to take benefit from this technology. Previously, we have reviewed a few devices in the AC1900 series from different brands including Netgear and Asus. Both devices are highly regarded and have excellent coverage and speed. The downside is that they’re a little pricey.

We now have the TP Link Archer C9, AC1900. This device promises similar networking performance as Asus or Netgear but comes at a very affordable price. To prove whether or not the claim of the manufacturer is valid, I put the device to a test. Follow the link!

tp link ac1900 review


The Archer A8 performs admirably in our Wi-Fi speed test, providing fast Wi-Fi speeds as well as adequate Wi-Fi coverage. The setup is simple and it will work well with any Internet speed. It is an ideal choice for people who want a router capable of providing up to 500Mbps Internet speed, with less than 20 devices attached.

If you don’t mind paying a somewhat greater price for the Archer C80, I would recommend that you do so instead, as it is not significantly more expensive but offers superior performance.

TP Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router -Archer A8 -High Speed, MU-MIMO Wireless Router. Dual Band…’s TPLink AC1900 Smart Wi-Fi Router (Archer A8)-High Speed MU/MIMO Wireless Router. Dual Band… Check Price TP-Link

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.Tp Link Ac1900 Review

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