Tp Link Ac1750 Review

Tp Link Ac1750 Review

D-Link Corporation

D-Link Systems, Inc.



Networking equipment
Founded March 1986

; 35 years ago




(as Datex Systems Inc.)

1994 (as D-Link Corporation)


Key people
Victor Kuo (Chairman)


DSL/Cable Gateways




Wireless access points



and security

IP cameras
Revenue Decrease


19,383 million (2018)
Number of employees
~2,000 (2018)



tp link ac1750 review

Design and Features

Archer C7 has a new dual-band AC1750 router. It uses a CPU of 720MHz. You can get speeds as high as 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz frequency band and up to 1,300Mbps using the 5GHz channel. The C7’s design is identical to the TP Link Archer C7 C1750 Dual Band Wireless Ac Gigabit Router we reviewed back 2014. It is the same glossy-black enclosure measuring 9.6×6.4×1.3 inches. On the back of router are three adjustable, removable antennas. They also have four Gigabit LAN port ports and a Gigabit WAN connection. Joining them are an On/Off button, a Reset/WPS switch, a Wi-Fi On/Off switch, and two USB activity LEDs. An LED indicator is located on the router’s front that shows power, WPS activity, each radio band, each of the four LAN ports as well as the WAN port.

The web console was originally written in text and is not compatible with the newer TP-Link Archer C7. You will also notice a delay between saving a change and making it live. Some cases required me to wait over 30 seconds. That said, it offers a wealth of basic and advanced settings. The main Status page has a list of settings on the left side and LAN, WAN, Wireless, and Traffic Statistic information in the center. Off to the right is a detailed explanation for each setting. Each radio band can have basic settings such as SSID, Mode, MAC Clone and IPTV.

TP Link Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Broadband Gigabit Router (V2) Guest Network page allows guests to establish separate networks. You can also set access control and bandwidth limits for each network. Parental Controls gives you the ability to make access schedules, and compile lists of websites that are allowed for particular clients. Access Control can also be used to establish network-wide Internet access rules. Advanced Routing and Bandwidth Control are also available. You can enable or disable any radio band with Dual-Band Selection. System Tools allows users to modify the time, view system logs, access network diagnostics, change router’s firmware, backup settings, and set up network diagnoses.

tp link ac1750 review

The Bottom Line

While routers, in general, can be notoriously finicky, you have a lot more to gain from purchasing this router than you have to use.

It is affordable, packed with helpful features and does its job very well in most cases.

It is also a reliable router that can handle gaming.

In this review we will examine the TPLINK A1750 Wi Fi router. Even Wi-Fi routers that were once limited to transmitting wireless signals can be more useful as technology advances and changes.

You should consider this if you are looking for more than simply a router to project a signal. Below, you’ll find information about the advantages and disadvantages of using this kind of router as well the many extra features that it has and why we think it’s worthwhile to buy it. Learn more.

Are The Tplink Ac1750 Routers Good?

We are impressed with the TP-Link Archer C7AC1750 Wireless Double Band Gigabit Routing Router (V2) which delivers some of the fastest throughput speeds from a sub $100 router. It’s also a breeze to install and offers plenty of settings.Feb 28, 2017

Is Ac1750 Still Good?

AC1750 and AC1900, two of the most popular router models on the market right now with so many amazing routers available, are no surprise. Both have high speed, reliability and solid features. When transferring large files fast, the AC1900 is faster than AC1750.

What is the reliability of Tplink?

The experience so far has been great (only 5 months, though). This is a wonderful product for home and business. Personally, it is not as good as netgear or linksys. Oct 30, 2015

What is the Range of Tplink Ac1750

802.11b/g/n/ac – 1X glan PORT, AC1750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi-simultaneous simultaneous 450Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1300Mbps at 5GHz. Range Extender, Access Point, Wall-Plug modes. Coverage up to 1115m2. Features: Maximal coverage – Wi-Fi coverage can be extended up to 1,115m2 (112,000sq. ft).

.Tp Link Ac1750 Review

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