Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

Target, the U.S.’s biggest retail chain, has many promotions and deals available that can help you save money.

  • Even though these clearance products are markedly reduced in cost, there may be times when you want to return or exchange a Target item that you purchased. Is there a clearance return policy at Target? This is what I found!
  • For Target Clearance, Return Policy 2022
  • Target will accept unopened and unused clearance item returns. With the original receipt and within 90 days, Target will accept returns. Target RedCard customers can also return items in 120 days. Target owned brands are eligible for a one-year warranty.

  • Continue reading to find out if Target allows price adjustments for clearance items and how clearance items can be returned.
  • Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights...)

    How Do I Return Clearance Items At Target? Clearance products can be returned to Target stores using one of the following items: Original receipt, Target App barcode, Target Delivery or Shipping Confirmation email. Clearance products can be returned by post if they are not defective.

    Certain items cannot be returned online or in-store. also allows you to return items online.

    The following table shows the anticipated waiting time based upon the method of payment.

  • Target RedCard – 1 to 2 days
  • The third party credit card: 1 to 3 days
  • Cash – 1 – 2 Days
  • Also, it may take as long as 5 days to request a Target return via an Online Return Centre.

    Can I Return Clearance Items To Target Without A Receipt?

    Target will accept clearance products without receipts if the buyer can produce alternative proof.

    Target can find your order online if you made the purchase via Target RedCard, Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Discover, personal check, or Target gift card (which you must have retained).

    It is impossible to track cash purchase transactions.

    To prove that you purchased clearance items online, or via the app, the digital receipt or barcode can be accessed from

    In the event that you can’t provide evidence of purchase, you’ll be issued a merchandise return card. does not accept this coupon.

    Please note that all these cases require you to present a valid photo ID from the government in order for the return to be approved.

    Does Target Do Price Adjustments On Clearance Items?

    Target is unable to adjust prices on clearance products. Target allows you to return items within 90-days.

    If you buy a Target clearance item for $2, and it is reduced in price to $1 a week later, the adjustment would not be eligible as a partial reimbursement due to clearance status.

    Target has Clearance Sales: What can I do?

    Clearance merchandise can usually be found at the end cap of each department’s respective sections in-store. This is often facing a wall. You will rarely find clearance shelves in the central walking aisles.

    You can find the clearance shelves by looking for a large, yellow clearance sign at the top of the shelves with items stickered with clearance prices. offers clearance shopping online. also has an app that allows you to easily search for clearance products.

    For more information, see the related posts about the Target markdown schedule and the best times to shop at Target. You can also use the Target RedCard.

  • Conclusion: Target Clearance Return Policy
  • You can return clearance items to Target as long as the item is in good condition, it is within the designated return window, and you have retained the receipt.

    Target is unable to adjust price for clearance merchandise. To avoid missing out on full refunds, check the return policy for seasonal and holiday clearance products.

    .Target Clearance Return Policy In 2022 (Know Your Rights…)

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