Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

Formerly Pete’s Super Submarines

Fast food
Founded August 28, 1965

; 56 years ago





Bridgeport, Connecticut

, U.S.


Number of locations
37,540 (Jun. 2021)


Area served
Worldwide (100+ countries)
Key people

John Chidsey





Revenue Decrease


16.1 billion (2019)


US$10.2 billion (U.S.)


DeLuca family
Number of employees
5,000 (2021)


(>410,000 if including franchises)


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Subway sandwiches are known for being freshly made using fresh ingredients. One of the core ingredients to any Subway meal is cheese, and Subway offers a variety to satisfy customers.

  • You may wonder what Subway cheese options are available, the best Subway cheeses, and other questions if you love Subway. Here’s my take on Subway cheese after doing some research!
  • Subway Cheese Types 2022
  • Subway has two main kinds of cheese, American and Monterey Cheddar. Subway has additional cheese flavors, such as Swiss and mozzarella. Subway locations offer a variety of cheese options, including sandwich and salad items. Extra cheese can also be purchased for an extra fee.

  • Keep reading to learn more about Subway cheese types. This includes the most nutritious Subway Cheese, as well as the popular Subway Cheese. Also, you will find out why Subway does not offer cheddar cheese.
  • Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Which Cheese Types is Subway Made of?

    Subway provides a selection of different cheeses in different locations as a complement to its sandwiches.

  • Subway calls its cheese “melty-cool, sharp, mellow or mellow.” Adds an extra dimension to the cheese
  • Subway has many independent franchises that offer different types of cheese.

    Subway has two main types of cheese: American Cheddar, and Monterey Cheddar.

    Subway may also offer other options, such as Feta and Mozzarella or Cheddar, Provolone, Pepper Jack, Swiss, and Provolone.

    Subway employees often offer cheese in sandwiches or salads. They also have the option of adding more cheese to their orders for an additional fee.

    Subway, what are your favorite cheeses?

    Mashed believes that provolone, which is a type of cheese, is the best, and that it can be paired well with Subway’s selection of hams.

    However, Ranker said that Subway’s best options for cheese include Feta, Cheddar and Shredded Mozzarella.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Subway: What is the Most Popular Cheese?

    Subway’s most loved cheeses are American Cheddar and Monterey Cheddar, due to their availability.

    How Is Subway’s Shredded Cheese Called

    Subway has Monterey Cheddar as the shredded cheese. Nearly all Subway outlets offer it.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    Subway does not have cheddar cheese

    Subway often ranks Cheddar cheese among the most popular cheeses, and that is why franchises are removing the product.

    Subway Cheese still includes Cheddar cheese. The shredded cheese mix contains Cheddar and is readily available.

    What Can I Put Cheese On At Subway?

    Subway’s cheese menu can be complemented by almost any other meal.

    Subway sandwich options, such as Meatball Marinara or Tuna, are popular choices.

    Subway also offers a sub sandwich option, the wrap. This includes choices like Steak and Cheese or Cali Fresh Turkey and All-American Club. You can personalize your Subway with any cheese you choose.

    Subway also has melts and you can customize them with melted cheddar cheese.

    Subway offers a variety of melts, including a Ham and Cheese Melt and Buffalo Chicken Melt.

    Subway salad is another menu item that you can add cheese to. It’s a lower-calorie, healthier option.

    Salads can be made with different types of chicken, like Buffalo Chicken or Oven Roasted Turkey. You have the option to customize them by adding your favorite cheese.

    Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

    How Much Is Cheese At Subway?

    Subway offers cheese as an option in many items, including sandwiches or salads.

    Additional cheese portions may come at an extra charge, but this can vary by franchise.

    According to past customers, adding more cheese to your order is around $0.30, but this may vary depending on location.

    But, Subway often promotes deals to add extras to your food for a lower cost.

    We have posts that will help you find out if Subway offers a seafood sandwich, whether Subway serves pizza or if Subway offers salads.

  • Conclusion
  • Subway has a wide variety of cheeses available that can be used in a number of dishes.

    Fortunately, American Cheddar and Monterey Cheddar are readily available in almost all Subway locations.

    Subway may also carry Swiss and Provolone Cheeses. These cheeses are available depending on the availability of stores.

    That said, your local Subway likely provides a menu either online or in-store displaying available cheese types.

    What Type of Cheese does Subway Serve?

    Subway is a default supplier of processed cheddar cheese. These cheese slices usually contain approximately 60% cheese and 40% additional ingredients. You can also identify the cheese slices as a Swiss version by the holes that are placed between the slices. Subway may use mozzarella.

    Subway White Triangle: What Are You Talking About?

    Depends, the white triangle cheese is American cheese. Provolone cheese makes the white half circle. Last but not least the white triangle shaped with holes is Swiss cheese. The majority of cheese in my subway are white.

    Which Subway Cheese Is the Healthiest

    Swiss cheese offers the most nutritional value with only 50 calories and 30mg sodium. You can also add honey mustard to Swiss, sweet onions sauce, sweet mustard, barbecue sauce or other condiments without exceeding 350 calories. February 5, 2019.

    Which Subway Order is Most In-Pop?

    The most requested sandwiches at Subway in America are the turkey and tuna. May 25, 2018,

    .Subway Cheese Types In 2022 (Types, Best Ones + More)

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