Does Costco Sell Stamps In 2022? (Price, Types + More!)

Costco can keep thousands of products at a low price by selling bulk items and charging membership fees.

Can you buy stamps at Costco for a discount price? Here’s what I came up with.

Does Costco Sell Stamps In 2022? (Price, Types + More!)

Does Costco Sell Stamps In 2022?

  • Costco has started to sell stamps in 2022. Costco offers First-Class Forever Stamps for sale in 100 packs in its warehouses. They are much cheaper than US Postal Service regulated prices. The price for 100 packs is $54.75, 0.25 more expensive than USPS stamp bundles. does not sell stamps online.
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  • Costco Stamps: How Much?

    Costco offers First-Class Forever stamps, issued by USPS (United States Postal Service) in packages of 100.

    This bundle includes five books of stamps. Each booklet contains 20 stamps (of US flag). These bundles cannot be purchased online so there are no prices.

    This is also lower than what US postage stamps cost on average. Costco is the only retailer to offer stamps for less than the USPS-regulated price.

    Does Costco Sell Stamps In 2022? (Price, Types + More!)

    Costco Stamps: What Can I Save?

    Costco gives you a discount of $0.25 per stamp bundle. It may seem not much but these savings can add up.

    Costco stamps can also be reused forever because they are First-Class Forever stamps. This means that even though stamp prices can rise after you have purchased a bundle, stamps will be less expensive per unit.

    US Postage Stamps (Sheet 20) $13.75 Amazon has a variety of Firstclass or Forever US stamps for those who are short on time. For select orders, same-day and next day delivery are available. Amazon: We make a commission on any purchase you make, and it is at no extra cost to you.

    However, to buy stamps from Costco, you have to be a member. Depending on the personal membership you choose, this will run you $60 to $120 per year.

    The discount you get on stamps won’t save you enough money. To get the best out of Costco’s large selection of merchandise at low prices, you will need to visit Costco regularly.

  • Costco Stamps: What to Do?
  • You can buy stamps at most Costco warehouses. Find your local Costco warehouse using the Costco’s Find A Warehouse tool.

    There you will be able to ask about stamps and other products at the Membership Counter.

    Call your nearest Costco warehouse to check if they stock stamps.

    Costco may offer stamps, but you should also check if they accept passport photos.

    You can visit Costco’s warehouses if you live far enough from your home.

    Conclusion: Can I Buy Postage Stamps At Costco?

    Costco offers discounted prices on United States Postal Service stamps. The only company that offers stamps with lower values than the USPS regulation price is Costco.

    You can purchase First-Class Forever Stamps in bundles of 100 from most Costco warehouses, but you cannot buy them online. If you are unsure if your Costco has stamps on hand, please call or email Member Services.

    .Does Costco Sell Stamps In 2022? (Price, Types + More!)

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