Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

Nearly all jobs have some form of dress code, including USPS.

USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

USPS is particularly adamant about the types of shoes employees wear- so what is their shoe policy, and why is it so particular?

  • USPS Shoe Policy for 2022
  • USPS employees are not allowed to wear shoes because they spend so many hours on their feet. USPS approved shoes are made of leather and leather/adjacent materials and can be dust-resistant or water resistant. The approved shoes must also be SR/USA marked and are usually black with color tags.

  • The USPS shoe policy has many complexities. Make sure you read the entire article!
  • What shoe materials are allowed to USPS employees?

    USPS employees can wear only leather shoes or leather-adjacent products such as hardy synthesizers.

    USPS footwear is not approved for synthetic materials such nylon and canvas.

    There are also other types of shoe that cannot be used in America:

  • Do not wear heels or soles that exceed 1 1/2 inches high.
  • Shoes with open sides, toes, or heels
  • Handles with stainless steel taps
  • Other than those with the right materials or moccasins for tennis shoes or athletic shoes, jogging shoes or jogging sneakers are acceptable
  • Any shoes made of netted material
  • Shoes no longer suitable due to disrepair
  • The full USPS Handbook contains more information about the USPS safety guide.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    Are USPS employees allowed to wear only black shoes?

    USPS workers are restricted from wearing shoes with SR/USA labels at work.

    All SR/USA shoes are labeled black, with a few exceptions. However, the USPS requires that all shoes used on jobs by employees be black.

    USPS workers are permitted to wear shoes that are not entirely black.

    USPS shoe tags and tongues are permitted for USPS employees. SR/USA marked shoes may have a green label indicating their SR/USA status.

    What Shoes are SR/USA Labelled Shoes and Why Are They Important?

    Shoes marked SR/USA are shoes that have been marked as slip resistant and manufactured in America.

    Shoes that are SR/USA-labeled have a green label. If they don’t have this label they will not be SR/USA-labeled.

    Worker’s Compensation will not be paid if you are without SR/USA labeled sneakers while working for USPS.

    USPS Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)

    Where can you buy SR/USA labeled shoes?

    Postal Uniforms Direct is the most convenient way to shop for shoes (or any other uniform piece) for USPS posts.

    You can also find SR/USA labeled shoes through popular sites such as Amazon, Skechers, Webstaurant Shoes, New Balance, and Reebok.

    It is likely to be easier to order and purchase SR/USA footwear online than it would be to go into a physical store to distinguish between shoes marked SR/USA and those that appear to be SR/USA.

    Why do you need to buy SR/USA-labeled shoes?

    The main reason USPS shoes policies should be followed is safety.

    Shoes labeled SR/USA are slip-resistant and water- and dust-resistant. They also provide good arch support and comfort to keep your feet comfortable for long periods of time.

    Shoes SR/USA labelled are also good for economy. They’re made in USA and can help create and maintain jobs.

    If you get hurt at work, there are other good reasons to wear SR/USA marked shoes.

    Workers’ comp will not apply to you if your shoes aren’t SR/USA labelled.

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  • Conclusion
  • USPS insists on employees wearing SR/USA shoes. They are shoes in black, leather, or with leather-adjacent that are slip-resistant.

    Almost all SR/USA shoe labels are black. USPS has made it a requirement that USPS employees use black shoes with the exception of those marked green SR/USA.

    You can find SR/USA labeled footwear online. However, you should purchase USPS boots and USPS uniforms at Postal Uniforms Direct.

    USPS does not allow for employees to wear any open-toed, heeled, or fabric, canvas, or nylon shoes.

    Are There Any Shoes I Can Wear to Usps?

    All shoes approved by the USPS for employees to wear are leather or leather-adjacent materials such as hardy synthetic materials. Synthetic materials like canvas or nylon are not acceptable materials for USPS shoes.

    What is the meaning of Postal Certified Shoes?

    You may have seen on your post approved shoes, a small black label with the letters “sr/usa” in green. This label, which is sewn on to all approved postal shoes, indicates that the shoe meets the stringent “slip resistance/usa made” requirements. January 18, 2011

    What Do You Think About the Dress Code For Usps

    931.26 Employee Responsibility Uniforms must be correctly fitted and kept in a neat and serviceable state. For employees who work at retail counters, jeans, shorts and sleeveless tops are inappropriate attire.

    What can Usps workers wear in shorts?

    934.31 Knee-Length Hose and Walking Shorts

    .Usps Shoe Policy In 2022 (What Kind Of Shoes + More)