Vice Golf Balls Review

Vice Golf Balls Review

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vice golf balls review

Ball Lab Vice Pro Golf Ball Review

Tony Covey When you shop through the links on this site, you may get a commission.

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab enables you to determine how consistent and high-quality golf balls are on the market. This will help you select the most cost-effective ball. We’re going to take a look today at Vice Pro. An overview of the equipment we use can be found here . Learn more about the test we use, the criteria we use to define “bad balls” and our True price metric on the About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab pages. Although we cannot prove it, Vice remains one of the top-selling brands in its sector. We can safely say that Vice’s balls are the most frequently requested in Ball Lab.

You asked for this one.

As it turns out, we bought our samples of the original Vice Pro just before the new models came out. Rather than publish data on an out-of-date model, we decided to wait until we could get the new models for comparison. Due to COVID causing havoc in the supply chains, it was a slow process.

We’re caught up and that means the Vice Pro has the distinction of being the first ball for which we have two generations’ worth of data in Ball Lab. A bit of historical information allows us, along with standard Ball Lab metrics to help compare quality, and to determine which areas have changed, devolved, or remained unchanged.

Vice Pro Like the original, the 2020 Vice Pro is a three-piece performance golf ball with a urethane cover. Foremost Taiwan manufactures it. The ball features the popular 318-dimple design that is found on many Foremost golf balls. The same pattern was used in the OnCore ELIXR, which we have previously reviewed. However, the new generation of Foremost balls has thinner covers. Vice notes that vice has listed this as an advantage. This will result in greener spin.

Results from our 2019 Golf Ball test suggest the Vice Pro is a mid-launch, mid-spin ball. We expect that will carry over with the new model given that the Vice Pro is positioned to compete against the Titleist Pro V1 Vice Pro – Compression Vice is sticking to the formula that works. For compression purposes, the Vice Pro remains the same as its predecessor. With +/– 86 compression it is in the sweet spot of compression where the compression losses are minimal, while still providing an excellent feel.

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vice golf balls review

Vice Golf Ball Review: Are These The Best Value In Golf?

If you are in search of a premium golf ball and don’t have the budget to buy it,

Here’s the thing, golf is a lot of things but cheap isn’t one of them. Most people find it difficult to afford a good set of clubs and keep up-to-date with all the latest technology.

We all have a golf addiction and that keeps us playing and coming back for more. Our goal at the Left Rough is to share our best golf deals and make it more accessible.

One area of the game that can help save you money are buying new golf balls. Vice has one of our top-rated golf balls. They have a ton of features like the most expensive balls on the market but has a much more appealing price. You can also find three of their five golf ball on the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List.

Keep reading to check out our full review on Vice golf and see if one of the many types are right for your game (and wallet).

vice golf balls good, great or just okay?

These are my top picks for money because of three reasons.

vice golf balls review

Vice Golf Balls Review – Tour, Pro, Drive

Independent Golf Reviews’ founder and lead author.

To gain a feel for the Vice Tour Pro and Drive balls, I also used a FlightScope Launch Monitor to see how they compare to Titleist Pro V1 stats.

It is not an easy job to take on the Pro V1 golf ball company. Many non-Titleist manufacturers of golf balls, large and small, try to get a piece of that market. Performance, image, and price are the three most important factors. The first two categories is where the Pro V1 excels, the third has been the one that other ball manufactures have attacked.

Vice will pursue all three to find their place in the market. Vice has focused their efforts on creating a premium ball that is more durable and affordable. Their logo and packaging offer something cooler than ProV1 for a significantly lower price.

In the mail, a packet of Vice Balls was delivered. This was a sample of their three-tier ball system. There were three types of ball: the Pro, Tour, and Drive balls. It was nice that all of them were printed with me name on it. Not that I was going to confuse my Vice golf balls with someone else’s at this point, but it did show off their ability and their quick turn around time. You can also find their packaging with very original designs and images that look great. You can see the marketing genius of this German business in the image below. Vice logo hats also sold by them.

Many people believe that certain golf balls perform better than others even when it isn’t always true. There is a perception that as long as a certain name or logo is stamped on the ball it is better than all others. This perception comes from the association that playing certain balls creates. Vice seeks to change that image through a ball which performs as well.

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Vice Golf balls were in my hands on recent vacations to Hawaii and Florida. I also had them test on my FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor. Their golf balls come in three tiers: Pro (similarly ProV1) Tour (similarly NXT Tour) Drive (similarly Velocity). When I played with the urethane covers, I naturally gravitated to the Pro model. But I found success with both Tour and Drive models.

vice golf balls review

Vice Balls Reviews

Rated by TG Owners’ Rating

rating TG 4 out out of 5, 0 outof 5

YOU HAVE TO KNOW: This is the best option for distance off of the tee. For golfers of medium club speeds, this construction offers extra-soft feel and low compression. We believe: While not quite as low as Wilson and Callaway, our…

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls Review


Rating by Owners

rating TG 4 out of 5, 0 from 5

vice golf balls review

Vice Golf Balls Review 2021

With Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, and Bridgestone having such a stronghold on the golf ball market, it’s hard for a newer golf ball company to make their presence known.

As a PGA Professional, I’ll admit I can be a bit skeptical about a newer ball that comes to the market. However, I’m up for trying out any equipment and giving it a fair chance.

We did exactly that with Vice Golf Balls. Vice makes a variety of balls and it is worth your time to try them all.

In this Vice Golf Balls Review, we will be looking at all the available Vice golf balls.

vice golf balls review

Is Vice Golf Balls Worth It?

When we started our Vice golf balls review, we mentioned that golfers could be a bit skeptical about the newest golf balls on the market.

Vice golf balls should be considered. These golf balls have been well designed and are very well constructed. They come in a variety of models and our tests showed that they could withstand more than one round.

Vice really excelled in that market for those golfers who had lower handicaps, and better swing speeds.

The golf balls for this group are usually very costly and have less durability.

Vice golf balls cost a fair amount and easily rival Titleist Pro V1x.

vice golf balls review

Vice Golf Balls Review – Tried and True (2021).

Because of their premium quality, Brandon golf balls can be overlooked by most golfers. In an ideal world, every golfer would be able to use a Pro V1- or TP5x whenever they hit the fairway. It is not feasible to buy $45 worth of golf balls for most people.

My golf buddies have been talking about Vice over the years. Vice sells high-quality products for a reasonable price. My curiosity eventually sparked and I bought a few boxes. To review Vice golf balls, I needed to do so.

Vice has had an unbelievable rise in popularity among golfers out there; that said, it’s not easy knowing which one to go for. Each of the Vice Golf balls are reviewed so that you know which is the best. Our full Vice review is below.

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vice golf balls review

Vice golf balls review at a glance

Vice Golf has enjoyed a lot of success due to its low prices, but Vice remains very straightforward with how they approach amateur golfers. They don’t sponsor any players on tour, and you won’t find them in your neighborhood golf shop.

Viceballs can only be bought directly through their website or Amazon. Vice produces five golf balls: Pro Plus, Pro Soft Pro, Pro, Pro Soft Pro, Pro, Tour, Drive.

Vice sells 5 golf balls. Each one is based on your play style or swing speed. Check out the following to find which golf ball is best for you.

Vice Pro Plus Balls for Golf Review MSRP $44.99 per Dozen. Construction: 4 pieces Key Performance Traits – Higher Ball Speed and Lower Drive Spin, Long.

Check Price on Vice

Vice Pro Plus is for faster-swinging players who are able to hit 250 yards with a driver.

Comparable to the Pro V1x, the Vice Pro Plus’s 4-piece golf balls perform similarly.

vice golf balls review

Verdict on the Vice Pro Plus

I was very happy with Vice Pro Plus overall performance. I was able to get a decent distance from the tee at 295 yards. The ball also stopped fast on the green.

My swing speed could have been 5-10 mph faster, and my distance would be comparable to that of the Pro V1x. Overall, there is little doubt that this is a premium golf ball and is worth considering it next time around.

View the price of Vice

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Review MSRP $26.99/Dozen Construction: 3-Piece Key Performance Traits, Increased Ball Speed and Excellent Spin

Get the Price for Vice

The 318 dimple Vice Pro Soft provides a stable ball flight, distance, and spin on the greens. The core has a 35-degree compression, which promotes increased ball speed while allowing for a gentle fee off the face.

Pro Soft golf balls are all-purpose. According to Vice, they designed it for players who swing a driver less than 95 mph.

Which Ball is Better: Snell or Vice?

Snell MTB’s feel is soft, and it can do great distance gains. However, the Vice Pro has less control than Snell MTB. Vice Pro’s lower compression core speeds up and gives comparable results with Snell MTB.

Is Vice Pro Similar To Pro V1?

Vice PRO+ and Titleist Pro V1X can be carried by chickens using mid-irons. However, they are quite similar in their carrying distances (174.4 yds to 174.8 yds). The Vice PRO PLUS spins slightly less (55396 vs. 55515 rpm). The Vice PRO PLUS spins slightly better than the Titleist ProV1X in terms of rom wedge length – the wedge testing results show that the Vice PRO PLUS has 9004,9 RPM vs.

.Vice Golf Balls Review

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