Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

If you regularly use propane to light your fireplace and grills, you may occasionally find yourself needing to refill or exchange empty propane tanks.

  • Since Home Depot is a popular hardware retailer, you may be wondering if Home Depot can help fill or exchange your propane tank? Let me tell you, I did the research.
  • Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

    Home Depot: How much does it cost to exchange propane tanks?

    Home Depot cannot refill your propane tank, but they do offer an alternative that is cheaper than buying extra propane tanks.

    An exchange of your empty propane tank will cost you half as much than the regular price for one.

    A $50.97 Amerigas propane storage tank will get you a half-off exchange, while a $20.97 propane tank will give you the same price. Prices may differ depending on how much propane is available.

    Home Depot places a two-tank exchange limit per order.

    Home Depot: What other alternatives to Propane Exchange does it offer?

    Home Depot sells propane in exchanges or purchases. They also offer empty propane tanks of various sizes and accessories, such as a level gauge.

    You can purchase these propane tanks and take them to a propane filling station that is licensed across the nation to have propane filled.

    Home Depot sells sizes from 20 to 100 pounds.

    Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

    Are There Any Other Places That Fill Propane Tanks in Your Area?

    The following outlets offer refilling service for propane tanks.

    Locate a store close to you by using the web’s store locator.

    To learn more, check out our post on whether Sam’s Club exempts propane tanks and if Walmart fills & trades propane tanks.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot will not refill propane tanks, however, it does offer a propane tank exchange service allowing you to provide an empty tank in exchange for a full one at over half the original cost.

    The program is operated using Amerigas propane. Home Depot bans the transport of empty or full propane tanks to its store. Ace Hardware and Costco have refill points.

    .Does Home Depot Fill & Exchange Propane Tanks In 2022?

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