Petsmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + Faqs)

PetSmart, America’s leading retailer of animal products, is known for its pet treats and food. PetSmart also offers a number of pet services, such as grooming, and boarding for animals.

  • Pet owners might be interested in knowing more about PetSmart Hotels. This includes their cost and whereabouts. Let me tell you, I have done some research on PetSmart Hotels.
  • PetSmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + FAQs)

    What Does A PetSmart Hotel Look Like In 2022

    PetSmart Hotels for Dogs and Cats are run by PetSmart-certified employees. PetsHotel offers affordable pet boarding and a variety of other facilities that will keep them entertained. Prices range from $15 to $41 per day for overnight and daily stays.

  • Keep reading for more details about PetSmart Hotels such as their prices and accommodation options. Also, what requirements your pet must have to qualify to stay at the hotel,
  • PetSmart Hotels Take What Pets?

    PetSmart PetsHotel is a boarding and accommodation facility for pets, with several accommodation options.

    Some examples of stays that PetHotels offers include dog atriums, dog suites, kitty cottages for overnight stays, and a doggy day camp for short-term boarding.

    PetSmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + FAQs)

    Where are PetSmart Hotels located?

    PetsHotel products are currently not sold in every PetSmart store. There is currently 70 PetsHotel in PetSmart locations in the 24 US states.

    To find a PetsHotel near to you, there is a map of hotel locations available on the PetSmart website.

    You can find the PetsHotel at a distance of 5000-7000 feet. It usually has 120 rooms in the Atrium, 25 suites, 12-14 kitten cottages, as well as 4 playrooms.

    PetsHotel typically has 200 animals full-time and around 25 employees who take care of the animals.

    What’s the PetSmart Hotel Price?

    Prices for PetsHotel vary depending on services and room type.

    Dogs can stay overnight for as low as $15 for half day camp or $41 for lodging in suites. For cats, it is around $20 for an overnight kitty cottage stay.

    You can get a maximum of $5 per night deduction if your pets are boarded together.

    PetSmart will charge fees for additional services like an exit bath for $11 or a nail trim for $9.

    PetSmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + FAQs)

    Do PetSmart Hotels Have Clean Facilities?

    PetSmart Hotels have a very high standard of cleanliness. PetSmart employees ensure animals’ safety by cleaning and disinfecting all rooms.

    PetsHotel also has Clean Air Technology and uses PetAirapy, a UV air purification system specifically designed for animals to protect against germs and allergens.

  • PetSmart makes use of a variety scents in order to get animals relaxed and feel secure.
  • PetSmart Hotels offer different accommodation options for dogs.

    PetsHotel provides a standard guestroom with an outdoor atrium for their dogs.

    PetSmart also offers a separate private suite, which is perfect for multiple pets.

  • A raised bed is available in the private bedroom, as well as a TV that plays pet-friendly programs.
  • PetSmart Hotels offer packages for their pets

    PetSmart does offer a wide range of pet packages, each priced according to your location.

    PetsHotel’s basic package includes a 4 hour play time or 30 minute individual time and snack Kong.

    The gold package is similar with 8 hours of play or 60 minutes of individual playtime and a snack activity to ensure your pet has fun at PetSmart Hotels.

    PetSmart also offers a Premium Platinum Package, which can be described simply as: “stay, snack, pamper, and play”.

  • You get 8 hours of play time and snacks as well as an after-care bath.
  • Is my pet allowed to live in a PetSmart Hotel?

    PetSmart stipulates that animals stay in PetsHotels must be over 4 months old.

    PetSmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + FAQs)

    Does My Pet Need To Be Vaccinated To Stay In A PetSmart Hotel?

    PetSmart asks that all pets be vaccinated to ensure their safety.

    This can be done up to 48 hours beforehand, but PetSmart prefers a full 14 days beforehand for maximum efficiency.

    PetSmart will ask for written proof that your pet is current on all vaccines in order to allow you animal to remain at our PetSmart Hotel.

    For information on your specific state’s requirements regarding vaccinations, please consult your nearest PetSmart before you transport your pet.

    How long does my pet need to stay in a PetSmart hotel?

    PetSmart requires a number of forms to allow your pet to stay. All forms should be present when checking your pet in to a PetSmart Hotel.

    PetSmart requires you to fill out the following forms: pet information, vaccination forms and medication forms. PetSmart will help you decide what to take with you.

    You might also be interested in other PetSmart services, such as whether PetSmart microchips your dog, sells pets, or what the PetSmart return policy is for pet food.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart Hotels offer a safe and secure way to keep your pet animals happy while you’re gone.

    PetsHotel has a variety of options for boarding both cats and dogs. There are many activities and recreation to keep furry friends happy.

    You can find information about prices and location for PetSmart Hotels in your area on the PetSmart site. Before you board your pet at a PetSmart hotel, make sure they are at least four months old and have been vaccinated.

    Is Petsmart Hotel Safe?

    The PetsHotel offers a safe and convenient boarding facility for cats and dogs. The professionals who look after my pets when I’m not there are someone I trust.

    Petsmart Pet Hotel Does It Have Cameras

    The hotel has video cameras throughout and an electronic collar that can be used to check you in. Every hotel has keypad access double doors that can be used to keep animals in the building and out of reach from unauthorized guests.

    How Much Does It Cost To Leave Your Dog At Petsmart?

    Prices for overnight accommodation for dogs range from $15 to $40 for half doggie camp, up to $41 if you are looking for lodging in an apartment. Cats can stay overnight in their cat cottage for around $20. You can get a maximum of $5 per night if you board your pets in the same bedroom.

    Petsmart’s Associate in Pet Hotel Management:

    Job Description As a Pets Hotel Associate, you’ll ensure that pets feel extra loved while they are playing with us and staying with us! It’s your job to make pet parents feel comfortable talking about their pet’s individuality and create a fun, safe environment for them during their stay.

    .Petsmart Hotel 2022 (Price, Locations, Cleanliness + Faqs)

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