Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

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U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams with production TUSK

explosive reactive armor

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Service history
In service 1980–present
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Gulf War

War in Afghanistan

Iraq War

2011 Egyptian revolution

War in Iraq

Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen
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General Dynamics Land Systems

Designed 1972–1975
Lima Army Tank Plant

(since 1980)


Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant

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Home Depot has the most comprehensive selection of products and services to help you upgrade or fix up your home. Do-It-Yourself home project ideas include painting walls.

  • Home Depot is able to match paints so you can create the ideal color combination in your house. What did I discover?
  • Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

    Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022?

    Home Depot will match paint of any color. It can even match paint from brands or stores outside 2022. Additionally, Home Depot can match paint from materials and items, including paint cans, paint can lids, chips of paint, pictures, drywall, wood, fabric, plastic, and metal.

  • Keep reading for more information about matching paint at Home Depot and paint types.
  • Home Depot Match Paint:

    Home Depot offers a wide range of matching methods. The two most common ways to match paint are to bring in your old can of paint to the store or bring in a paint chip from your wall or other painted item.

    Home Depot will sometimes have the exact color recipe for your cans of paint in its database.

    The associate in charge of the paint department will simply type the codes on the can’s label. You can also do this even though Home Depot may not be selling it.

    A paint chip can sometimes be made from the inside of a can lid if it doesn’t have a label. Or, there may be enough paint left over to paint onto a piece of wood or drywall and match from that after it dries.

    Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

    What Does Home Depot Use To Read the Color?

    Each Home Depot selling paint is equipped with a computer which can be linked to their national paint database and other color information. A sensor is used to read the color of the paint samples or other items.

    For mixing final colors, it is necessary to match the color of the base with the readings of the actual color.

    Is a Paint Chip Too Big?

    If you are bringing in a paint chip from your wall, a piece of something else painted, or any other item you’re wanting to match.

    Additionally, the paint swatch should be at least one square inch for the best results as the spectrophotometer needs that size in order to accurately read the color.

    Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

    Can Home Depot Match Paint Colors From Other Things?

    Home Depot is able to match any material, including plastic and drywall.

    For the spectrophotometer, take a sample fabric to check if the wall paint you are considering is the right color for your couch.

    If the fabric swatch was not available at your furniture store, take it from the underside of the couch. Or take the cover off of the cushion and take that with you.

    Home Depot can’t match sheer fabric.

    Can Home Depot Match Paint Color From a Picture?

    This can be accomplished in several ways. The obvious method is to bring in a printed photograph that has the color you want in it.

    You might, for example, have visited a place and discovered a wall color you like. Or you could have snapped a photo of the wall at a friend’s home.

    This method has a few issues. There is a possibility that the light ambient in which the image was taken might have altered the color balance, so the final result may not be the same as what you had remembered.

    You’ll need to print one inch in size of each color. If the print is too small it may not be readable.

  • There is an alternative method to match the colors of a photo.
  • Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

    Does a Smartphone app allow you to match paint colors?

    The app works in multiple ways for both Android and iPhone phones. Another way the app works is to have access to all the colors Home Depot offers in paint. Scroll through many colors to find the right paint.

    An additional way that the app can help you pick a color for your paint is to snap a picture of your home or interior rooms and apply it to the walls.

    This app can read any color you are pointing at and give you the options for making that color.

    The app will also show that color on your walls, either interior or exterior. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play or the Home Depot website.

    Home Depot can match other stores’ paint colors?

  • Home Depot carries a wide variety of paint brands and types of paints, so the paint you bought at another store (e.g. The Lowes brand might already be available at your local Home Depot. You can also find me
  • If the paint brand isn’t available at Home Depot you may be able to get the exact color match by printing it in the paint container and taking it into the store.

    Home Depot will match Benjamin Moore or Sherwin William paint that you already have.

    Many of the color formulas of popular paint brands are in the database of Home Depot’s paint programs, so the computer can provide a match for most paints available currently.

    The spectrophotometer can be used to match the formulas of paint that are not available in Home Depot’s databases.

    Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

    Home Depot sells these brands of paint:

    Home Depot stocks a range of standard paint brands in its stores. Some specialty brands and regional paint brands are also available at a few stores.

    Below is a listing of all the paint brands that Home Depot sells regularly:

    Behr Marquee is their finest paint, with special finishes and stain-blocking capabilities.

    Their best-selling paint. Behr Ultra is a high-quality paint that has a good amount of stain block.

    High-quality paint that is stain resistant. Behr Premium Plus – good for most basic paint needs.

    It is good for all basic needs in paint. Rust-Oleum – formulated for metals and plastic materials.

    This paint is formulated to work with both metals and plastic materials. PPG Timeless, a high-quality pro-quality product that often has minor staining.

    Paint of high quality, with minimal stain blocking. PPG Diamond is a high-quality paint.

    – pro-quality paint. Glidden Premium – lower-priced pro-quality paint.

    – lower-priced pro-quality paint. Glidden Essentials is their most affordable brand of paint.

    The employees of the paint department can help answer any questions you may have about which brand or what quality product you should choose.

    Which Paint Types Does Home Depot Offer?

    Home Depot stocks a large selection of indoor and exterior paint types.

    You can find out more by checking my guides to see if Walmart can mix paint or if Home Depot can create window screens.

  • Conclusion
  • Yes, Home Depot can match paint for virtually any project you have in mind. You can find a variety of ways that Home Depot can match your paint. These include in-store color matching with old paint or paint chips and fabric swatches. You can even use their smartphone app to find exactly what paint color and type is needed.

    Home Depot Offers a Guarantee on Color Matching

    Paint Satisfaction guarantee policy: We will refund your money if your exterior or interior liquid paint is not satisfactory within 30 calendar days. We will either correct the paint problem or provide you with a new can.

    Home Depot Can Match Paint Colors From A Photograph?

    Mix and match colors from different spaces or other things that you find inspiring. Take a picture of the color you are looking for or use your camera roll to upload it.

    What are the best ways to match existing paint colors?

    To match a paint color, Mauro recommends cutting a small section of the paint away to create a chip to then bringing to a home center or paint store to be color matched. There are many utility knives available at local stores. Most home centers can color match paint samples.

    Can you Match Paints?

    Paint matching apps are available for Android and iOS. These can help you match your paint to your hearts content. Some of the best-reviewed apps come from larger paint companies. This is great because they are free. These paints can be ordered within the app.

    .Does Home Depot Match Paint In 2022? [Your Full Guide]

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