How To Stop Junk Mail Usps In 2022? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Back then, communication with relatives and friends outside our immediate area used to be done by letters. Nowadays, however, texting is far more popular than writing letters.

  • But even though the internet is available, mailboxes remain full due to junk mail. How can USPS stop sending junk mail to us? Keep reading to discover what I discovered!
  • How To Stop Junk Mail USPS In 2022? (+ Other Common FAQs)

    How Do I Stop Junk Mail From USPS In 2022?

    The way to stop receiving junk mail from USPS depends on the type of junk mail you’re receiving as of 2022. DMAchoice lets you stop getting advertisements for just $2. Call 1-888-52-OPT-OUT to opt out of credit offers.

  • You can read on to discover more information about USPS junk mail delivery and how you can stop it from being delivered.
  • Why is USPS so full of junk mail

    USPS can make millions of dollars per year by sending junk mail. That is because Congress has mandated that the Post Office try and turn a profitable profit or keep its costs down.

    USPS is now working with many companies to provide junk mail services, such as direct mail, credit offer, catalogs and donation solicitations.

    Direct mail is the number one category in junk mail. This includes magazines and coupons as well as fliers and coupon offers.

    The bulk of junk mail comes from credit companies. They include offers from banks or other financial institutions, with messages on the envelope such as “you have been preapproved!”

    How To Stop Junk Mail USPS In 2022? (+ Other Common FAQs)

    Is it possible to stop the Post Office from delivering junk mail?

    The mandate the postal service has to deliver junk mail is very difficult for them to change.

    Rather, it’s easier to contact the companies sending the junk mail directly if you wish to stop receiving it.

    However, there are loopholes that you could use if your problem is getting removed from the company’s mailing list.

    If you are unable to receive any mail from the Postal Service under USC Title 39 (Postal Service), section 3008: Pandering Advertisements prohibited, fill out PS Form 1500.

    Although this form and USPS legislation are meant to guard recipients from unsolicited pornographic advertising, the title clearly states that it is up to the recipient to decide what mail they consider offensive. This means this form can also be used for junk mail.

    Fill out the form and attach it with the junk mail to stop receiving.

    USPS will mail a cease and desist notice to you on your behalf. This takes around 30 business days. However, you can still take legal action if you get mail after that time.

    What can you do to stop junk mail from reaching the source?

    It’s not necessary to fill in a USPS Form for every junk mail piece you receive. Other alternatives are better and less labor-intensive.

    DMAchoice offers flexible options to help you opt out from receiving junk mail and keep receiving the mail that you want.

    Simply create an account with a $2 fee and then you will be able to block direct mail sent to your house for 10 years.

    This process may take as long as 90 days before it is fully effective. If direct mail volume doesn’t decrease immediately, this could simply be due to a delay.

    Another popular junk mail category is credit offers, which are offers from banks and other financial institutions soliciting loans and credit cards.

    To stop getting credit offers from creditors, call 1-888-52-OPT-OUT or go to

    You will need to give some information to be removed from the list. This includes your social security number. However, all information is confidential and you can opt out of credit offers up to five years.

    You will not be receiving any further junk mail after your waiting period.

    While both of these options will certainly help cut down on the junk mail you receive, they won’t stop all unsolicited offers. If you want to be taken off their mailing list, contact the store directly.

    How To Stop Junk Mail USPS In 2022? (+ Other Common FAQs)

    What can you do to stop receiving junk mail from the USPS for other people?

    You can reject junk mail addressed to an address other than yours by USPS.

    If you refuse to accept mail, please write “Not at This Address: Sender Returned” and then cross out the barcode on the bottom of your envelope. Human eyes will be able to read the message. Then, return the flyer to your mailbox.

    For more information, please visit our post on USPS text messaging, USPS informed delivery and how to handle a misdelivery.

  • Conclusion
  • It is possible to opt out of junk mail by filling in the PS Form 1500 form, visiting DMAchoice or calling 1-888-52-OPT OUT toll-free.

    These above options will vary depending on the source of the junk mail you receive. Additionally, you may have to contact brands and companies directly to be removed from certain mailing lists.

    .How To Stop Junk Mail Usps In 2022? (+ Other Common Faqs)

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