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Scott Athey (Pe)

Scott M. Athey, P.E. With over two decades’ experience in transportation engineering, Scott M. Athey leads Lowe Engineers Transportation Department. He has experience with all kinds of facilities, including local roads and small county roads as well interstate and restricted access facilities. His multi-modal expertise also includes multiple modes. Scott’s career has seen him solve complex problems in remote areas and urban centres. His career path followed traditional development from Entry Level Engineer through leading projects as a Project Manager and Principal for the firm. This path has given him a deep understanding of design and all aspects of team environments. Scott’s completed projects include working for a variety of clients such as; Local Municipalities, County Governments, Development Authorities, Private Developers, State Department of Transportations (DOTs), Corps of Engineers and many others. In addition to traditional stand-alone transportation projects, Scott has also played a major role in multi-discipline projects incorporating transportation solutions for masterplaning, large scale developments and redevelopments. Scott has also served as the Project Manager for unique projects with the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) related to the inventory of surplus property/ right-of-way and disposal of assets. Scott’s experience includes managing all tasks associated with planning, design, and construction of transportation projects and the management of a team of professionals. He is a strong listener and has the ability to see the needs of clients and to use context sensitive to find a solution.

Scott has completed numerous Project Management certifications, trained in ISO methods for Quality Control/ Quality Assurance and other Leadership Training for Engineering Professionals. Scott is an engineer registered in several states. He also holds Level II certifications as a Plan Designer/Reviewer of Erosion and Sedimentation.

I am originally from Montgomery in Alabama. I grew up a baseball junkie and love supporting the Braves, now just down the street from our Cobb County home. My Alma Mater, Auburn University is a place I am still very active in and will remain a Tiger. My passions include DIY projects, spending time outdoors and my two girls. I truly enjoy being a Transportation Professional in Metro Atlanta where there is always a new traffic challenge.”

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Lowe’S Pro Desk (How It Works, Who Can Use + More)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s is able to provide for both consumers and professionals in their stores, online, and on their app. Lowe’s Pro Desk was created to provide customers with better customer service while they shop in-store.

Lowe’s Pro Desk may seem confusing to customers. It explains how the system works and what discounts are available. I’ve done the research, and here is what I have discovered about the Lowe’s Pro Desk.

  • Lowe’s Pro Desk for 2022
  • Lowe’s Pro Desk offers professional and business support through a membership. Access to Lowe’s Pro Desk requires a Lowes Pro Account. Lowe’s Pro Desk also offers financial and purchasing solutions, including the ability to apply for Lowe’s Credit Cards.

  • Keep reading for more details about Lowe’s Pro Desk. Learn how to sign up, the benefits it offers, the Lowe’s Pro Desk discounts, and much more!
  • Lowe's Pro Desk (How It Works, Who Can Use + More)

    What’s Lowe’s Pro Desk and how does it work?

    Lowe’s Pro Desk supports Pro Members, who are reported as representing up to 25% in Lowe’s total sales.

    Lowe’s Pro Desk can also be found inside Lowe’s locations. This desk allows professional contractors as well businesses to have easy access and quick information about products or services while shopping with Lowe’s.

    Additionally, the Lowe’s Pro Desk is different from both Customer Service and regular checkouts at Lowe’s as it is only available to be used by Lowe’s Pro Members.

    Lowe’s also offers a section on their website that focuses exclusively on Lowe’s Pro Benefits. Shoppers can register for an account, log in to their account, and then download the Lowe’s mobile app. This can be helpful in the same way as the Pro Desk.

    How does the Lowe’s Pro Desk work?

    Lowe’s Pro Desk is available only to Pro members. It functions similarly as the Lowe’s Customer Service Desk or regular checkout. Lowe’s Pro staff provides more tailored support to professionals.

    Assisting you with managing your account to keep on top of your purchases and view your purchase history.

    They can also assist you in placing bulk orders, collecting special orders and ordering.

    This product offers many features, including improved organization, loyalty features and 24-month purchase tracking.

    Registering for Lowe’s Pro Account gives you an array of discounts and exclusive benefits. You also have the option to shop in Lowe’s stores using the Lowe’s Pro Desk.

    Lowe's Pro Desk (How It Works, Who Can Use + More)

    How do you use Lowe’s Pro Desk

    If you want to have the Lowe’s Pro Desk available in your store, then you need to become a member. Online membership is possible or you can visit your local Lowe’s to become a member.

    To sign up online, visit the Lowe’s for Pro’s website and select a business or government account. You can choose to sign up for Lowe’s email alerts that can offer you additional discounts as a pro member.

    Alternatively, you can visit the Lowe’s Pro Desk in-store and inquire about becoming a member.

    In order to become Lowe’s Pro member you’ll need details about your business. This includes financial information.

    What are the benefits of using Lowe’s’ Pro Desk?

    You can shop in Lowe’s by becoming a Lowe’s Pro Desk Member. This will allow you to receive further assistance, including ordering products.

    Lowe’s Pro Desk is able to help with everything from buying products that you require, to sourcing items they might not stock in-store, or determining whether your purchases are tax exempt.

    Lowe’s Pro Desk is able to extend store hours for certain supplies and offer priority checkout. It can also speed up the process through reserved parking.

    Lowe’s even has a Pro Zone featuring commonly used accessories and tools for quick selection.

    The additional support offered by the Lowe’s Pro Service desk can help you with last-minute project changes, as well as monitoring and managing your purchases, finances, and more.

    The Lowe’s Desk offers a range of services, including a charging station for phones, windscreen cleaning, and air to your tires.

    Lowe's Pro Desk (How It Works, Who Can Use + More)

    Lowe’s Pro Desk: What discounts do I get?

    Lowe’s Pro Desk is able to offer discounts to shoppers via the Pro Program. It can provide discounts ranging from 5% upto 50% on more than 2000 products for bulk orders.

    Lowe’s Pro Program memberships have greater product access than regular Lowe’s customers because they are professionals.

    Lowe’s has a number of related posts that will help you learn more: Lowe’s Available Discount (Lowe’s AAA discount), Lowe’s Lowe’s Rebate Centre, Lowe’s PayPal.

  • Conclusion: Lowe’s Pro Desk
  • Lowe’s Pro Desk can only be used by members of Lowe’s Pro Program. Lowe’s Pro Desk provides faster checkouts, management of accounts and other perks like restricted parking.

    The Lowe’s Pro Desk account can be opened online or in-store for free. Lowe’s Pro Desk provides tailored assistance and advice to contractors and other workers in the hardware industry.

    How can I apply for a Lowes Pro Account?

    To receive full Lowe’s For Pros Loyalty benefits, at least one registered card is required. You’ll have access to your 24 month in-store or online order history by registering your card. Additionally, you’ll receive personalized offers that are relevant to you and your business.

    Lowe’s PRO Customer: What is it?

    Lowe’s has been focusing on “Pro” customers since 1946. These include contractors, specialty tradesmen, and managers of property and maintenance personnel.

    What is Lowes Pro Service Desk and How Does It Work?

    The Lowe’s Pro Desk is located within Lowe’s stores and allows businesses, contractors, and professionals to easily access necessary products and information while shopping at Lowe’s.

    Does Lowes For Pros Cost Money?

    Lowe’s for Pros, a service that is free to small business owners, helps them cut costs on large orders, keep track of inventory and spend, and utilize management tools. Feb 12, 2021

    .Lowe’S Pro Desk (How It Works, Who Can Use + More)

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