Lowe’S Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

Lowe’s is a popular place to shop for home improvements supplies. You may also have purchased some appliances while you were there.

  • Lowe’s is known for offering great discounts on large appliances. However, do you know the details of their warranty? I became curious so I did some research. Let me tell you what I discovered!
  • Lowe’s Appliance Warranties in 2022
  • Lowe’s provides a one-year warranty for major appliances. This warranty begins when your manufacturer’s warranty expires after a year. Your Lowe’s Appliance Warranty is activated and can be continued for up to 3 years or 5 years, depending upon which plan you have. There are many appliances that will be covered, including refrigerators, freezers (cooktops), washing machines and dryers.

  • Keep reading for information about Lowe’s warranty. How to submit a claim. Can you cancel your Lowe’s warranty?
  • Lowe's Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

    What Time Frames are Included in Lowe’s Appliance Warranty?

    Lowe’s provides two types of warranties for its appliances. There is a 3-year warranty and a five-year plan. Prices vary according to the model.

    Lowe’s will typically offer a warranty for a major appliance that lasts at least one year when you buy it.

    The Lowe’s Appliance Warranty expires after this period. It can last up to five years, depending on the plan you choose.

    What Does Lowe’s Appliance Warranty Cover?

    Lowe’s Appliance Warranty covers more than repairs. It can also cover cash back to purchase items your appliance requires.

  • Quick Repairs
  • Lowe Appliance warranty covers appliance repairs up to 7 days from your request. In the event that they can’t send someone in time, then $50 will be sent to you.

    This benefit will not be applicable to freezers and refrigerators.

  • Reinstallation Labor
  • Lowe’s covers the costs to have your appliance hooked up again, rather than you having to figure out how to do it.

  • Food Coverage
  • Lowe’s will reimburse you up to $300 for any loss of food caused by a refrigerator or freezer that is damaged or malfunctioning.

  • Keep It Running Reward
  • When purchasing items to keep your appliance running (such as water filters, hoses, rinse aids, and even cooktop cleaners) Lowe’s will give you 50% cashback on these items. It is limited to $100 each 12 months.

  • Payback Benefit
  • Lowe’s has a bonus for customers who do not need to exercise their warranty. You’ll receive 30% of your price plan back if you do not request service calls before their expiry date.
  • Customers have up to 60 days to utilize this benefit after the appliance warranty for Lowe’s officially expires.

    Lowe's Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

    Lowe Appliance Warranty: What Appliances Covered?

    There are 11 major appliances covered by Lowe’s appliance warranty, including:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Cooktops
  • Wall Ovens
  • Ranges
  • Microwaves of all ranges
  • Range Hoods
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Trash compactors
  • Dishwashers
  • You can ask the store online to include the Lowe warranty if you’re unsure whether the item that you want to buy is covered by the appliance warranty.

    If you’re in a store you can ask for help.

    How can you claim the Lowe Appliance Warranty?

    In the event that your appliance has a fault, you can claim on your appliance warranty to schedule a service call and pick a time and date that suits you best.

    Simply call 1-888-77-LOWES(56937) to schedule your service call. Lowe’s service representatives are available seven days a week from 8 am to 6 pm EST. You can also choose a date or time that is most convenient for you.

    You should ensure that you have all your documentation, including your protection plan number, ready in order to make the claim process faster.

    Your protection plan number will be on your receipt. It also helps to know the brand and model number of your product.

    For an in-home job such as a repair, it is necessary that you have at least 18 years old to schedule the appointment. Otherwise the work cannot be completed and the client will be asked to cancel.

    Online filing is also possible if you are required to claim a benefit reward reimbursement for the benefits mentioned above (such as Quick Repairs).

    Lowe's Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

    Does Lowes warrants require a receipt?

    Since your protection plan number will be printed on your receipt, it can be vital to keep it safe.

    Even though it is possible to lose receipts, Lowe Appliance Warranty does not cover them. Can an associate help you locate your receipt?

    A MyLowes Card or Account is required in order to view your purchases. Lowes associates are unable to reprint receipts.

    But, MyLowes accounts and/or cards allow you to access your entire purchase history.

    The service allows you to locate your protection plan number without having to look for it in your receipt.

    MyLowes purchases history covers online and in-store purchases. You can sign up free of charge with no hidden costs.

    Lowe's Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

    Is Lowe’s Appliance Warranty Transferable?

    The warranty on your appliances may not be transferable if you are looking to purchase new ones or sell them.

    Sometimes, this can add to your appliance’s price and make you more profit.

    Lowe’s appliances warranties can be transferred between owners without additional cost. You simply need to call 1-888-77-LOWES(56937) to begin the transfer.

    The proof of purchase receipt and any service receipts you received during the warranty must also be transferred to the new owner.

    Do I have the right to cancel Lowe’s appliance warranty?

    You may cancel the warranty in case you cannot pay.

    If that’s the case, Lowe’s has made it simple to begin the cancellation process.

    To cancel your plan you must mail your cancellation request along with your benefits summary page and terms and conditions to your warranty to: P.O. Box 100, Rapid City, S.D. Rapid City S.D. 57709.

    Cancellation requests received within 30 days of purchase will result in a 100% refund.

    Your cancellation request must be received within 30 days after the date of purchase to receive a pro rata refund.

    Your warranty is void if you cancel your request. There are no cancellation fees.

    You can read more information about Lowe’s services by visiting our posts related to whether Lowe’s purchases used appliances and if Lowe’s removes old appliances.

  • Conclusion
  • Lowe’s appliance warranty activates after the year-long original manufacturer’s warranty expires, and covers a multitude of services. These include service calls and benefits, as well as purchasing of items for the appliance and coverage for food loss for fridges and freezers.

    What’s the Appliance Warranty?

    The warranty period has expired. Parts or defects are not covered. It is possible that the product has failed because it was not properly maintained or mishandled. It has undergone significant modifications to its functionality, which may have an adverse effect on its performance.

    How long does the Lowe’s Protection Plan last?

    Five years

    What’s an Epp Warranty?

    Covered FAILURE(s),: Failures of the Product that are due to defects, in materials or craftsmanship. Covered by normal wear and tear coverage or power surge protection. LPP, formerly known as EPP (Extended Protection Plan), is a Lowe’s Protection Plan.

    Is Lowes Protection Plus Legit?

    is lowe’s protection plan legit? A. Lowe’s protection plans have been criticized for not being legitimate. This is due to the way they process claims.

    .Lowe’S Appliance Warranty 2022 (Time Frames, Claims + More)

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