Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?

Dollar General, conveniently America’s best-known cash deposit partner, allows Cashiers to load cash cards in all of their stores.

  • A Cash App, Green Dot Card or NetSpend card can be used to reload at Dollar General. Here is everything you need to know!
  • Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?

    Dollar General Loads NetSpend, Green Dot & Chime Cards and Cash App.

    Dollar General offers cash-loading at select locations. To load your car, simply go to the cash register and ask a Dollar General employee. The fees to load cash or checks vary depending on the card you have. They can be anywhere from $0.95 to $4.95, or a percentage.

  • Continue reading to learn about fees and locations.
  • How can I load my Dollar General Cash App card?

    No, just present your Cash app Card and the money you have to Dollar General cashier. They will then request loading.

    You should check your balance after the transaction has been completed to verify that the payment was made successfully.

    Cash App Cards: Customers pay 1.5% fees for instant deposits. A minimum of $0.25 is charged.

    Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?

    Do Dollar General Cards Load NetSpend Card?

    Yes, Dollar General will reload your NetSpend Cards in-store. Customers may deposit money or checks into their NetSpend cards and receive an email notification on their smartphone when they are complete.

    For fees, NetSpend charges anywhere from zero to $3.95 for reloading cash which can vary by each location.

    Use the NetSpend locator to find the cheapest location to recharge to ensure the highest possible rate.

    Dollar General Will Load Green Dot Card Cards

    At a Dollar General cashier, you can directly add money to your Green Dot Card. Once you’ve made your request, the cashier will swipe your card and accept the cash.

    There are a range of transaction fees from $20 to $1000, and funds can be available as soon as possible. Reloading Green Dot Cards costs typically $4.95 per operation.

    Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?

    Will Dollar General Load My Chime Card?

    Yes, Dollar General is a cash deposit partner of Chime; a cashier can directly deposit cash to your Chime Spending account in minutes.

    Maximum 3 transactions per 24 hours are allowed for reloading. $1,000 is the highest amount you can load daily, equating to a maximum of $10,000 every month.

    Dollar General: Is there a load charge?

    The average charge for users who load checks or cash to their Green Dot Chime Cards (NetSpend and Cash App) is $3.95. You may pay a portion of your total load depending on what provider you have.

    Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?

    Can I Deposit Checks on Cash App, NetSpend, Green Dot, and Chime Cards?

    However, to deposit checks you do not need to make a trip to Dollar General.

  • You can use a mobile check capture to load your checks from Cash App and NetSpend as well as Green Dot and Chime Cards customers. You will only need a smartphone or tablet with a camera, the app and a phone.
  • Additional payment options include NetSpend and Cash App as well as Green Dot, Green Dot and Chime Cards.

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  • Conclusion
  • Dollar General will charge your cash App, NetSpend and Green Dot cards. You will pay a fee between $0 and $4.95 depending on what Card you select.

    The Cashier will take your money. Transactions can be processed as fast as 10 minutes.

    .Does Dollar General Load Cash App, Netspend & Chime Cards?