Cox Homelife Review

Cox Homelife Review

Cox Communications, Inc.
Cox Communications Logo.svg
Type Subsidiary of Cox Enterprises
Industry Telecommunications
Predecessor Times-Mirror
Founded February 1962 ; 59 years ago ( 1962-02 )
Headquarters 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Atlanta , GA 30328, U.S.

Area served

Arizona , Arkansas , California , Connecticut , Washington, D.C. , Florida , Georgia , Idaho , Iowa , Kansas , Louisiana , Massachusetts , Nebraska , Nevada , North Carolina , Ohio , Oklahoma , Texas , Rhode Island , Virginia

Key people

Patrick J. Esser
( President and CEO )
James C. Kennedy
( Chairman )
Anne Cox Chambers
( Director )
Products Cable television , broadband internet , VoIP , wireless , Home Security , Business services , Gigablast fiber
Revenue US$11 billion (2016) [1]

Number of employees

20,000 (2020)
Parent Cox Enterprises
Website www .cox .com

Cox Homelife Review

What protocols does Cox Homelife Security use to combat the Covid-19 Pandemic

Cox Security has several pages that provide general information about their efforts to operate safely in the event of a pandemic. While there seems to be very little information on exactly what steps they are taking to protect against Covid-19, there is a great deal of info on the Connect2compete promotion and the PR surrounding their PCs for People grant and additional Pandemic relief payment options.

This PR program may have an impact on some potential customers considering Best DIY Home Security Systems. They are worried about dealing with salespeople, servicing, and installation. Showing a level of commitment to pandemic relief efforts helps to reassure potential Cox Homelife Security customers.

It is important that the top home alarm companies disclose their policies on maintaining sales, monitoring, and service standards. Additionally, these policies should outline how they plan to keep their employees safe. This is important to reassure customers that they have a solid plan to be able to continue to operate in the midst of the ongoing health crisis.

Many businesses encourage remote workers to do their jobs in order to limit the exposure to Covid-19. Remote workers can be protected with secure laptops from companies.

The best alarm companies have redundant monitoring centers. In the event of a health emergency in your area, you can have calls rerouted to another facility.

Workers that deal with customers face to face are typically given additional cleaning supplies, protective masks, and protective tools. Security companies often contact customers prior to every appointment so that nobody is sick and they can offer a safe environment.

You don't have to be present for sales, service, installation, or support staff at your house. There are many ways that the top security companies can help you (Chat. Phone. Online. to reschedule.

Cox Homelife Review

Cox Homelife: Factors to Consider before Signing up

What are some questions you need to ask yourself before you agree to Cox Home Security System?

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There are a number of items that is recommended you determine before selecting Cox Security, as well as any other system. Most systems will require long-term monitoring agreements. It's a good idea not to settle for just one.

It doesn't matter if someone knocks on your door or calls you by telephone, it is important to ensure you understand all your home security options in order to make the best decision.

Cox Security Professional Installation as opposed DIY

One of the primary things to consider is whether or not you should set up the system on your own or possibly pay money for a professional installation. Up until recently, the system had to be connected directly to your home. You will need to drill holes and cut them into walls.

But times have changed. Cox Home Security and other service providers are now able to work with wireless devices. Even though this system is wireless the majority of Cox Homelife online reviews complain about poor service and insufficient installation. This technology has seen a significant improvement over time to make these products extremely easy to use as well as to install.

Therefore, even those with the least technical knowledge can set up DIY security alarms quickly and easily.


Cox Homelife Review

Cox Homelife Equipment Available in Optional

Cox Homelife offers two packages that include security equipment. However, the customer can add other products to personalize their protection or automation system. For $200, homeowners will be able to purchase the Digital Home Starter Kit. This kit includes:

Smart door locks. Cox Homelife's smart lock replaces traditional deadbolts by using an automated system. These locks automatically lock after 30 seconds to make sure your home is completely secure at all times.

Homelife High-Definition Camera: View live video, capture pictures, and make videos using the HD camera. Cox Homelife comes with the standard camera and can accommodate up to six cameras. Customers can even set rules and commands for when the camera records 15-second clips, such as when motion detectors go off.

Cox Homelife’s window and door sensors allow for alert connection, video recording and monitoring. Cox Homelife supports more than 10 window and door sensors.

Motion sensors: Cox Homelife’s motion sensors are able to detect movement at up to 40 feet distance using a 90° coverage cone. Cox Homelife motion sensors don't send false alarms to pets less than 85 lbs.

Glass-break sensors: Cox Homelife's glass-break sensors connect directly to monitoring professionals. The smart home automation software allows customers to choose whether they want to be notified. Each system supports more than 10 glass break sensors.

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Wireless keypads: These keys can also be used to control your alarms via your mobile phone. These keypads are most commonly installed next to front and rear doors. But customers have the option of adding more than 10 keypads around their house.


Cox Homelife Review

What'S In A Cox Bundle?

Cox bundles internet TV and phone with home security. You can get these services in multiple different combinations so you can meet your needs and save money.

Of course, Cox isn't the only provider offering bundles, though it is one of the only companies that includes home security. If you're not sold on Cox but want something similar, you can try an Xfinity home security bundle . You should be aware of Comcast/Xfinity’s customer service.


Cox Homelife Review

What's The Cox Homelife Application?

Homelife is your control center for all Cox Homelife Automation and Security products. You can create rules and schedules that your system will follow from the app. This allows you to view video and control smart lighting. It is basically your remote control for the home.

Customers with security clearances can control their devices via the touch screen control panel. You'll need to set rules and automations in the app, though.


Cox Homelife Review

Who Does It Serve?

Cox Homelife is an excellent option for homeowners that need security and want smart home systems and cameras. Cox Homelife has a monthly cost that is significantly lower than the average home security and home automation rate.

Cox Homelife has a self managed home automation system which can also be used by smart-home enthusiasts. The monthly cost of the subscription is $2 per month and it comes with a 2 year contract. This makes it not an option for all.


Cox Homelife Review

How Much Does A Cox Homelife Security System Cost?

Based on equipment and services needed, the activation fee and installation cost will differ.

Monthly costs for Cox Homelife are:

Home automation – $19.95


Cox Homelife Review

With Cox Homelife, what internet do I need?

Cox claims that Homelife will not work properly if you don't have high-speed internet. That means internet of 25 Mbps or more.1 There was an error initializing the test. You can reload the page again to make it work.

Connecting to a server . . .

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Cox Homelife Review

How can I monitor the Home Security System on My Own with The Homelife App

Cox can offer professional monitoring when you purchase its equipment. If you're really invested in self-monitoring, this isn't the system for you. Professional monitoring has many benefits, as you can be sure that someone is always watching your system.

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Cox has six monitoring centers, so even if there's a natural disaster or power outage, there's always someone to watch your home.

Sources Federal Communications Commission. (2015) Broadband Progress Report


Cox Homelife Review

How Much Time Should It Require For Cox Home Security To Respond To A Break-In?

Although almost every company claims it has the fastest response time, you must be able to understand how these statements are made. Cox Security's system should usually have a 30-60 second delay at the primary entry to your home in order for you to be able to activate the alarm. The system can usually be operated on the "Instant” mode whenever all are home. If the system isn't disarmed, then the siren sounds right after the delay. Cox Homelife monitoring centers response times can be calculated starting from the moment a signal is received and ending when the dispatcher calls the residence to confirm that the signal was confirmed. This should likely be within a matter of minutes. They will call the police if no one responds to the phone. Every action ought to be time stamped as well as transcribed from the monitoring center.

What are the benefits of Cox Homelife

Cox Homelife automation. This includes a digital thermostat, smart plugs, smart locks, and smart LED lights. You can access the Cox Homelife App to control all your smart home devices and change their settings.

How Much is Cox homelife Monthly?

Cox Homelife is available for as low as $29.99 per month, or $54.99 per Month when purchased in conjunction with Cox cable and internet packages. Based on your package, the installation and equipment fees are $100-$200. The cost of video monitoring for one camera is $14.99 per monthly, and for four cameras it's $24.99.

Are you required to pay for Cox Homelife

Fees. When you purchase the Cox Homelife Security Equipment, there is an activation charge of $49.99. Customers that have been with Cox Homelife security equipment for a while say they also pay cancellations and installations fees. The installation and cancellation fees can be found here. Nov 30, 2020

Can I Cancel Cox Homelife?

Select menu then click "Subscriptions." Click on menu, then select the Cox Homelife subscription to be cancelled and click the "Cancel Subscription". Do the rest as instructed. February 4, 2020

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