Ping G400 Driver Review

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ping g400 driver review

Driver Review of Ping G400

Like most brands, Ping try to get the CG of their drivers as low and far back as they can to make them as forgiving as possible and so far they are the most successful at doing this according to most of the stats I see.

The easy way for me to review the Ping G400 driver is to say that they have managed to go deeper and lower again, but of course there is more to it than that.

The CG must be lower. To do this, you have to remove weight from the area where the ball hits the face. They did this by reducing the crown at its narrowest point to 0.43mm.

This is between the ribs on the Dragonfly Design Crown that has now an ‘Infinity Edge.’ The rim which was at the back of previous G Driver has been smoothed.

G400’s overall head shape is also slightly more round at the back, which makes it look better from the address.

You will also find tiny dots on the crown’s rear. These you might feel, and may have aerodynamic benefits. But I fear they are cosmetic.

The front Turbulators, which reduce friction in airflow over the head to accelerate it along with having an aerodynamic effect, are what does provide some aerodynamic benefits.

ping g400 driver review

Specifications for Clubs

You can choose from three G400 models for the driver of your G400: G400 SFT or G400 LST.

Standard G400 comes with a standard 445cc clubheadweight of 206g, and can be ordered in 9 or 10.5deg. D3 is stock swingweight

G400 SFT’s 445cc clubhead is the same as G400 SFT, but it comes in slightly less at 203g with either 10deg of 12deg options. The stock swingweight is D1.

G400 LST features a 445cc Clubhead, slightly heavier at 220g. It’s available in either an 8.5- or 10-deg version. Stock swingweight: D4.

Alta CB55 the stock shaft. This comes in soft regular and regular as well as stiff regular and stiff stiff options. The length of the standard shaft is 45 3/4″. You can also get the G400 with either PING’s Tour 65 or Tour 75 shafts as well as the Aldila X-Torsion Copper, Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver Dual-Core TiNi, or the Project X HZRDUS Yellow. You will need to pay an extra fee for all other shaft options. PING Tour, aftermarket shafts come in a standard length 45 1/4 inches.

G400 driver is available at $399. For this review, I received the standard G400 with the Alta CB55 shaft in stiff flex, trimmed to a playing length of 44 1/2”.

ping g400 driver review


I haven’t had the opportunity to maintain confidence with my driver in a long time, but the G400 feels like it is finally happening. The forgiveness is simply incredible. PING states that the G400 boasts the “deepest and most efficient MOI” in golf. This is a good thing, as the G400 doesn’t slip on mishits and the ball speeds barely slip. Some of the best golfers misshit their driver, while others mishit it frequently. You should try to get as much forgiveness possible.

PING also gave the aerodynamics of the G400 a major boost. This improved form reduces drag by 15% in the downswing. It also allows for more club head speed. To be as aerodynamic as the G400, the G30 would have to be shrunk down to under 300cc!

G400 driver engineering does not stop at its head. PING offers two shafts to help optimize the G400. The Alta CB 55 is a mid-trajectory shaft that’s counter balanced to offset the higher head weight. This shaft is able to change from copper or black depending on where it’s placed. PING offers Tour 65 and Tour75 shafts to players who desire a heavier shaft, and higher flight. Additional shafts are also available, including the Kuro Kage 60/HZRDUS Red 75 and Aldila X-Torsion.

Two other G400 drivers are available. The G400 LST is for those who need lower spin. For those who need assistance in creating draws, the G400 LST (Low Spin Tec) can be used. Reviews of these models will be coming out in the next few weeks.

ping g400 driver review

G400 Drivers Verdict

Ping’s G400 driver range is their most extensive yet, with four models that offer everything golfers need.

There are many options available for the drivers of the G400, including the regular version and models with low spin or straighter flying.

With the G400s you can expect to see a lot more distance and more forgiveness. The G400s are an impressive driver set that will allow you to achieve more with your game.

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Are You a Beginner with the Ping G400 Driver?

Performance: The Ping G400’s driver is extremely forgiving and allows novice golfers to hit the ball far and high. The driver has a wide sweet spot and delivers solid sound and feel. April 20, 2021

Do I Need a Ping G400 Driver to Drive My Car?

This driver will elevate your game. If you are seeking consistent distance results and top performance this driver could be the perfect choice. The G400’s innovative design and technological advances will make it a great driver, no matter what level you are at.

How do you distinguish between Ping G400 and G410 drivers?

Ping G410 is more powerful than Ping G400 Max’s Turbulators, and has enhanced dynamics. The result? A higher ball speed. A result of maintaining the perimeter’s weight, the Ping G410 is able to produce a greater moment of inertia that the Ping G400 Max.

What Ping Driver Does Most Tolerantly?

1. Ping G425 Max driver. The Ping G425 Max driver is the most flexible. The Ping G425 Max is a great driver. It’s been delivering golfers with all skill levels the perfect driving experience.

.Ping G400 Driver Review

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