What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

Amazon’s distinctive and consistent font, logo, and design have established an international brand identity.

  • You may have noticed Amazon’s trademark font. Let me tell you what I found through research about this font.
  • What fonts are available from Amazon?

    Ember, Bookerly and Bookerly are Amazon’s primary fonts. Ember can be used both in regular or italic for any written content.

    Occasionally, depending on the connection and the fonts available on your computer, you may see Times New Roman or Arial.

    It is important to note that Amazon Kindle’s font choice depends on what generation you are using. Bookerly, the default font for older Kindles is available. Amazon Ember however is now also available.

    Ember was initially introduced for Amazon Oasis’ e-reader. It then became an integral part of the whole website.

    The difference in these fonts can be seen by Bookerly being a sans-serif font and Ember not.

    The small lines at the end of the larger letter strokes in serif fonts like Brookerly enable easy, comfortable reading on the Kindle.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

    What Fonts Are Similar To Amazon’s?

    Roboto, Lato, and Roboto fonts look much like Amazon Ember. Their clean lines make it easy to see. Alternatives include Ubuntu and Sofia Pro Semi Bold.

    Bookerly uses similar serif fonts: Apolline and Vega. Weiss, Caecilia, Caecilia, Caecilia. Baskerville.

    While reading on an Amazon Kindle, you can choose between the standard Ember or Bookerly for your device, or select from a variety of standard fonts.

    Amazon’s fonts can be read easily across all types of devices.

    Amazon puts readability, print-like layouts at the forefront of font design and installation for their web and mobile apps.

    What has happened to the fonts of Amazon’s logo?

    Amazon fonts changed many times over the years since it was established in 1994. Amazon logos provide a wonderful example of how the company has evolved over the years.

    Amazon has had six logos in its history. These logos were all used from the beginning of Amazon’s existence, six of them during the six-year period. In 2000 the company settled on the one that millions recognize around the globe.

    Officina Sans Bold forms the Amazon logo. This sans serif font appears above the yellow arch and curves upwards for a smile.

    For those interested in using a similar font, Franklin Gothic and Rotis Sans Serif are similar to the Officina Sans Bold font used in the Amazon logo.

    What are the Different Types of Amazon Fonts?

    Both Amazon Ember and Bookerly have several weights, and Amazon uses them according to the display resolution.

    For Ember, the available weights are thin, light, book, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. Different weights are used for menus, screen text, and digital reading display.

    Additionally, Amazon’s official description of Ember highlights its subtle softness around the edges and corners. Its refined weights make the Ember font ideal for headlines across the website.

    Bookerly comes in three weights, including regular, bold and light. You can adjust the font size and other settings while you read on your Kindle.

    What Font Does Amazon Use In 2022? (Types + Similar Fonts)

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