How Hard Is The Usps Exam In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Many people are attracted to USPS because of the competitive start pay and many advancement possibilities. But that health insurance and those three weeks of vacation time won’t just fall into your lap.

If you want to work for USPS, you’ll have to pass a series of assessments. You will first need to fill out an initial application. Then, an online exam is followed by an in-person proctored examination. Still interested? Continue reading for more information about how to successfully pass the USPS exam.

How Hard Is The USPS Exam In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

Are You Interested in the USPS Examination 2022?

The failure rate of postal exams 474-475, 475-476 and 477 ranges between 80 to 90 percent according to USPS. This would make it difficult. All applicants will be asked questions about their work history, personality and ability to handle daily work situations. There may also be additional math questions that will require critical thinking and mathematical skills.

  • Keep reading to discover exactly what you can expect from the USPS exams.
  • What Exam Do You Have To Pass For The USPS?

    Before getting into the question of how hard the USPS exam is, it’s helpful to know which exam you’ll need to pass.

    The type of position that you’re applying to will impact which exam your choice. As it stands now, the USPS has four main exam options:

  • 474: City and Rural Carrier Exam
  • This is what people think of when they hear “mailman.” These employees deliver and collect mail on foot or by vehicle. These employees are required to be able to transport mail up to 70 pounds and work under all weather conditions.

  • 475 : Mail Handler exam
  • These employees move mail containers and equipment throughout postal facilities. They open and close mail boxes. Containers up to 70lbs are handled by them, just like carriers.

  • 476: Clerical Exam (for clerks or mail processors).
  • They operate the mail sorting equipment, and also manually sort the mail. They also organize and move processed mail from one area to another. This clerk is required to transport and lift heavy containers.

  • 477: Associate exam (for customer service clerks)
  • Postal associates are employed at post offices around the country to provide service and support for USPS customers.

    There’s also a 955 exam for mechanical and technical positions within the USPS. These employees do not handle mail directly. They test, maintain and troubleshoot machines and systems used by the postal service.

    What is the best way to study for the USPS Exam?

    Many things can be done to prepare you for the USPS test.

    It is helpful to develop a routine and establish a study plan when studying for this exam.

    Additionally, understanding the types of questions that you will face on the exam is a great idea.

    You can spend some time researching different questions. Also, you should devote additional time to those areas where your confidence is low.

    Online practice tests are also available for free to familiarize yourself with the layout and pace of the exam.

    Job Test Prep offers videos, test guides and other preparation materials, for a monthly charge.

    The practice books include Postal Exam Secrets Study Guide – Review and Practice Exams to the USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 474-576-476 and 477.

    You can find a lot of useful resources to assist you in preparing for your USPS exam preparations. Just make sure you get the most updated information. USPS made the 2019 test obsolete.

    Learn more about USPS here.

  • Conclusion
  • USPS exams are easy but can fail at up to 90 percent. Take practice exams to get to know the type of questions that you will face and how they are structured. It’s possible to achieve success with proper preparation.
  • Do You Have a Study Guide for the Postal Exam?

    Mometrix Test Preparations Postal Exam Secrets Study Guide can be used as a prep tool to help you pass your USPS Virtual Entry Assessment 474-4,576-476 or 477. The exam is extremely challenging, and thorough test preparation is essential for success.

    Does The 474-Postal Exam Make It Hard?

    Postal Exam 474, which is a relatively easy test, doesn’t pose a problem. However, because the assessment is relatively straightforward, many applicants fail to do their research before applying for a job and are surprised when they see the questions.

    Are the postal exams 473 difficult?

    Although the first part of the 473 exam can be done quickly, it is not difficult. If you don’t have photographic memories, the memory portion is considered to be the most difficult. February 25, 2017.

    What’s a good usps score?

    To fill more than 95% all entry-level job openings, postal exams 475, 476, and 477 can be used. You can get a score of 100 on these tests, with 70 being passed. This all means you should score 100 or more.

    .How Hard Is The Usps Exam In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

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