Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

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Founded June 24, 1902

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January 5, 1962

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George Dayton


John Geisse

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Nicollet Mall

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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1,926 stores (2021)


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United States, Canada (formerly, see

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Brian C. Cornell





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Clothing and Accessories






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Pet Supplies


Small Appliances

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99.6 billion

US$6.539 billion (2021)
US$4.368 billion (2021)

Total assets

US$51.248 billion (2021)

Total equity

US$14.440 billion (2021)
Number of employees
409,000 (2020)




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Costco, a well-known wholesaler where almost anything can be purchased, is very popular. You can even stock up on groceries, drinks, and other items with your Costco membership.

  • But one thing people always wonder is whether or not Costco sells bags of ice for your next party or BBQ. Here is what I discovered!
  • Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Costco to Sell Ice Bags in 2022

    Costco has 20lb bags available for sale at certain stores starting in 2022. Costco might sell bags if your Costco’s location is near parks and beaches.

  • Read on for details about Costco’s available ice and the prices.
  • Costco Ice Price Comparison to The Competitors
  • Costco stores which do carry ice are able to offer it at much lower prices than other places.

  • In most cases, it is almost worth the membership price just for that reason if you buy a lot of ice!
  • Costco offers a 20-pound bag for less than the other stores, though prices will differ depending on the location.

    This is an easy comparison chart.

  • Price Per 20-Lb Bag The Ice Factory 5.20 Seven-Eleven 4.50 Exxon Gas Station 3.99 Target 4.38 BJ’s Wholesale 3.49 Walmart 3.38 Sam’s Club 3.28 Costco 2.99
  • Costco Ice: Where can I find it?

    Costco does not have an ice aisle.

    Keep the ice on the counter. Simply tell the cashier what number of bags you need and they will call you. After that, just grab your ice while you’re leaving.

    Some people forget to mention this to the cashier. Then they have to come back and pay it at customer support.

    Costco is much more affordable than a convenience or gas station for buying it.

    Additionally, if you are throwing a gathering or party, you can also read up on buying alcohol from Costco and also getting alcohol delivered from Costco.

    See also my article on purchasing bags of frozen ice from Walgreens. If you live near one, it could help to save you some time.

    Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

    Does Costco Sell Dry Ice?

    Costco warehouses may sell dry ice but not regular cubed ice. Supply and demand are the only factors.

    You have a greater chance of getting dry ice from Costco if you live near an industrial area.

    Costco keeps Ice Where?

    Costco does not have an ice aisle. How come this is? The store keeps the ice front-of-the-store.

    Costco has Ice Cubes

    Yes. They’re located in the front of the store by the registers.

    What are the Pounds of Ice in A Bag?

    A bag of ice averages 2 lbs, making it just under 1 gallon and about 3 qts.

    Costco Dry Ice: How can I get dry ice?

    Costco has begun selling dry ice in some of its stores as of 2022. Availability varies across stores, so only visit stores with freezer sections or contact your local store in advance. Safeway, Meijer or Walmart are other options. Dry ice is sold for between $1.00 and $2.75 per Lb.

    .Does Costco Sell Bags Of Ice In 2022? (Price, Locations + More)

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