Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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Costco offers everything, from food for you family to automotive tires. Costco offers many automotive services.

  • Costco can do oil changes for owners of cars, so you may be curious. Here’s what I learned!
  • Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022?

    Costco has stopped offering oil changes at its Tire Centers since 2022. Costco once offered oil changes to customers but has slowly been phasing it out since 2016. Instead, customers can get oil changes at Walmart and Jiffy Lube.

  • You can read on to learn more about Costco and whether they sell oil for you to replace your oil.
  • Why Did Costco Stop Doing Oil Changes?

    There isn’t a clear explanation for why Costco discontinued their oil changing services and battery services. However, it can be assumed that the reason was low profit margins due to decreased demand.

    It also seems like Costco has slowly been phasing out this service since 2016.

    Although many Canadian and East Coast locations had oil change services up to mid-2019 it seems that Costco stores no longer offer this service as of 2022.

    Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    How can I change my oil elsewhere?

    Although Costco no longer offers oil changes, you have many other options. Here are a few different options:

  • Walmart ($20)
  • Jiffy Lube ($45
  • Pep Boys ($35)
  • Firestone ($40)
  • Meineke ($45)
  • Local mechanics ($40-$100
  • Costco sells oil for motor vehicles?

  • Even though you can no longer get your oil changed at a Costco warehouse, you can still purchase motor oil both in-store and online!
  • Mobil and Castrol are just a few of the brand options available, along with Costco’s Kirkland Motor Oil.

    Prices range from $19.99 to $56, depending upon the quantity and type of product you purchase.

    Costco sells many other automobile products including:

  • Car electronics
  • Waxing and car washing
  • All Wheels
  • Accessories for cars and trucks
  • Batteries
  • Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022? (Do This Instead...)

    What Auto Services Does Costco Offer?

    Costco only offers auto maintenance services that are performed at the in-store Tire Shops. They can only offer you tire repair and maintenance.

    These services, however, are extremely comprehensive and affordable! You can access the following services for $18.99 per tire

  • Tire Installation
  • Mounting
  • Lifetime balancing
  • Rotation for life
  • Lifetime air pressure checks
  • New rubber valve stem
  • Roadhazard Warranty from Costco Wholesale
  • Costco offers tire service to members who are Costco members and have bought your tires from or at a Costco warehouse.

    Their tires also come at a very affordable price.

    Costco Auto Services Where can I get them?

    Find your nearest Costco warehouse to obtain auto care services.

    You can do this by simply entering your ZIP code or state of residence into the Costco site’s “Find A Warehouse” search tool.

    A list will be generated of every Costco warehouse in your vicinity, along with how far away each store is from you and its details.

    However, keep in mind that not all Costco warehouses will have an in-store Tire Center, whether due to size restraints or other restricting factors.

    Take a moment to look at the icons that are below details about your local store. An icon indicating a tire indicates that there is a Tire Center in the location.

    You can read our posts about Costco leasing cars to members and how the Costco core charge works, whether Costco has to change brake pads or the Costco generator’s return policy.

  • Conclusion
  • Costco has ceased to offer motor oil changing in-store. But, motor oil can be purchased online at

    Today, all of Costco’s auto services are focused on installing and maintaining tires at very affordable prices.

    Find out if Costco provides tire maintenance services at your nearest location by using the Costco “Find A Warehouse” search tool. An icon with a tire symbol will show you whether a particular store has a Tire Center.

    How much does Costco charge for an oil change?

    Costco Oil Change Prices: $29.99 and $49.99. These were wholesalers’ initial prices for a basic and full synthetic. Costco later raised it to $59.99. Contrary to public opinion these prices were fair considering conventional oil changes typically cost from $20 to $55.

    Costco Oil Changes

    Unfortunately, Costco no longer offers motor oil changes in-store, although you can still buy motor oil both in-store and online at Costco offers a wide range of auto services that focus on maintaining tires and installing them at affordable rates. You can find out if the store is equipped with a Tire Center by looking at the small symbol.

    Does Costco Oil Change Include Filter?

    They do not sell the item, however, they only offer it as an automotive product. Costco is in tires. They do not specialize in automotive repair. No oil changes.

    How often should I change my synthetic oil?

    It is recommended to change your synthetic oil between 7,500 and 15,000 miles depending on which brand you use. Check your manual to ensure that you are changing oil as recommended.

    .Does Costco Do Oil Changes In 2022? (Do This Instead…)

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