13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You Tons! (2022)

Walmart takes pride in its large selection of affordable items and the “Everyday Low Price Promise”.

  • Walmart clearance is a great way to make even more savings if there aren’t enough products on sale.
  • These are the 13 most money-saving, mind-blowing Walmart secret clearance hacks. Let’s get started!
  • Hidden Clearance Techniques from Walmart that You Must Keep Secret
  • 1. Make use of the app to search for hidden Walmart clearance offers in-store
  • Clearance items at Walmart will be marked with a yellow sticker that displays the discounted price. It’s likely that this price will be good, however there are easy ways to check if you find a better deal.

  • Open Walmart’s app on your mobile device and use the barcode scanner to scan the yellow sticker. The clearance item will appear in the app, probably at an even lower cost.
  • Walmart.com prices are often lower than those found in-store.

  • 2. Walmart Offers Clearance Sales
  • 13 Walmart Hidden Clearance Hacks To Save You TONS! (2022)

    Scouring through the Walmart website for the best deals can get pretty boring. But did you know that there’s a way of searching just for discounted items?

    Simply type the word “clearance”, and the website will show you the clearance prices. Just like that, every on-sale item on the website will pop up. If you need to search for something in particular, use the sidebar to refine your search.

    Clearance items can be searched within specific price categories. Simply type the phrase “clearance less than $10” into Google to search for items.

  • While yellow clearance stickers may indicate a great deal, it has been discovered that Walmart often places lower prices under them.
  • It won’t always be this way for clearance items in Walmart, but it’s still worth checking.

  • 4. Prices Match Clearance Items at The Checkout
  • Take the item and your smartphone to the register if you find an in-store clearance product at a reduced price via the Walmart App.

    Walmart’s price match policy does not allow you to match prices from competitors in-store. However, the Walmart app and website will price match identical products.

  • Walmart customers also have the ability to price match Amazon.com online. Another great trick for clearing out clearance items is that they can even be purchased at Walmart.
  • 5. How to Shop for Clearance Products
  • Walmart is known to mark down items on clearance within the first five working days of a month, and then keep them at a reduced price until they’re sold. Be sure to look out for discounts at the beginning of each month.
  • There is a super simple way of checking whether the price of a clearance item is about to be reduced even further, just by looking at the price tag.

    A yellow clearance sticker that ends with a “5” or a “0” indicates that it has been marked down for the first time. It is likely it will go down further in the future. An ending price with a “1”, however, means the price will be marked down as low as possible.

  • 7. Get Discounts on Full-Price Products
  • Walmart app scans your items and doesn’t require you to add a yellow clearance sticker for them to be placed in the Walmart hidden sale section.

    It is possible to scan any Walmart item, with the possibility of a price drop via the app.

  • 8. Make sure to receive free shipping
  • After you find the item you want to buy at a discount price in your Walmart, you will be able to order it all through the app and on the site.

  • If your order exceeds $35 you will get the items delivered straight to your home for no cost!
  • 9. Make sure to time your hidden clearance purchases well
  • Walmart does allow you to purchase these discount products in-store. Walmart also reserves the right not to match prices for more than one customer each day. So you’ll have to get smart about when you make your purchases.

    Look for the best deals on clearance and make sure you come back within the days.

  • 10. Clearance Products Could be Hidden in Plain Sight
  • When you’re on the lookout for specific products at the best possible prices, it’s worth looking beyond the clearance section itself. Many clearance items will be displayed on the end caps of aisles, so keep an eye out.

  • 11. Make use of social media to find Walmart clearance items
  • You can search social media to discover great clearance offers at Walmart. You will find many people posting what they find via hashtags like #walmartclearance. Many of these posts include links to the product as well as information about which store it was purchased.

    Just remember that clearance deals will vary depending on location.

  • 12. Find Out If Your Store Has A Clearance Item
  • It’s possible to check the availability of a Walmart clearance sale item online, if you see someone posting about it in the Walmart clearance hashtag. All you need is the product’s SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number, which you can find by searching for the item on the Walmart website. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is an eight-digit code at the end of the product URL.

    You can simply go to BrickSeek and enter the SKU number along with your zip code. It will then tell you whether your nearest Walmart has the item on clearance.

  • 13. Look around for the best Clearance Sales
  • You might not be the smartest person in the world when it comes to saving money, but those who work at Walmart will have the most knowledge about the clearance sale items. They’ll know exactly where to look for those hard-to-find, hidden clearance items!
  • Walmart Sales Associates can direct you to the best deals for products from a particular department.

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