Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? [Guide]

Dollar General’s ability to find cost-effective solutions is what they are known for.

  • Perhaps you are wondering if Dollar General rents carpet cleaners. You can find everything here!
  • Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? [GUIDE]

    Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022?

    Dollar General can offer a rent-a-car carpet cleaner service, which is provided by RugDoctor. Depending on the model, the price to rent a carpet cleaner from Dollar General starts from $35 for 24-hours and $45 for 48. Cleaning solutions and brush attachments are not included in the rental cost.

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  • How Much Do Carpet Cleaner Rental Services Cost?

    Rug Doctor can help customers find the nearest Dollar General to rent the service.

    Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? [GUIDE]

    How Much Is Cost To Rent A Carpet Cleaner From Dollar General?

    For a typical rental period of 24 hours, a carpet washer from Dollar General costs around $35. An additional $10 can be added if you wish to rent the cleaner longer.

    If you are on a tighter budget, Dollar General also rents out a detailer and spot cleaner for $19 for 4-hours. This option is great if you are looking to clean a spot or small stain from your couch, carpet or mattress.

    How Many Carpet Cleaners Is Dollar General Rent Available?

    Dollar General can rent two different models of Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. The Mighty Pro X3 is designed for large areas of cleaning.

    For small surface areas, or shorter usage periods, Dollar General also rents out the Deep Carpet Cleaner machine model, which is a more simple and easy model for quicker cleans.

    Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? [GUIDE]

    Do you have any time limits on Dollar General Carpet Cleaner Rental Service

    Dollar General rents their service only for a maximum of 2 days. If this time period is exceeded, then customers may be liable to pay extra.

    Customers can rent the machines out for as little as 4 hours for certain models, or for a full 24-hour period.

    Is Dollar General offering any extras for Carpet Cleaners?

    Customers can rent brush attachments for $5.99/day, which is an additional cost to the customer.

    Additionally, the customer will have to separately purchase cleaning supplies, although these products can be found in Dollar General locations.

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  • Conclusion
  • Dollar General can rent carpet cleaners. It’s available in most places across America, with internet access to the specific locations.

    .Does Dollar General Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? [Guide]

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