The Official Sat Study Guide, 2020 Edition

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2020 Edition
If you want an Official SAT Study Guide that is convenient to carry around and easy to use, the 2020 edition is the one for you. This guide has been redesigned with an eye towards making it more user-friendly, so you can focus on the material you need to know for the test. Plus, the added bonus of having the answer key and study tips right there with you means that you can breeze through the material and hit your test prep goals.
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Are you looking for a reliable SAT study guide? If so, the 2020 edition of The Official SAT Study Guide is perfect for you! This guide is convenient to carry and will help you get the best score possible.

Best Sat Prep Books

best sat prep books

Disclaimer: Why am I suggesting Sat Books?

PrepScholar is known for offering an online SAT preparation program. Now, they are recommending a SAT book list.

Our mission as SAT experts is to make sure you have the right resources and tools to succeed academically and personally. If self-motivated and feel comfortable using SAT Books in preparation for the test, they may be a useful way to practice strategy and learn sample questions.

Nevertheless, every SAT prep book recommended has strengths and weaknesses. Many seem to have been published too quickly, while others lack the same level or quality as their predecessors.

PrepScholar’s online program has incorporated many of the most valuable parts from these books while still providing accountability. PrepScholar helps you to plan and follow your study time, track your progress and develop the skills you require to increase your score.

PrepScholar is able to help you do the heavy lifting. You can also get huge benefits from PrepScholar, which is much less expensive than buying the books.

This is because we don’t get any benefit from the SAT-book recommendations. However, our advice is neutral and objective.

Once that’s done, we can move on to the SAT books. The best representation of SAT-related questions comes directly from test takers. I am starting my list by using the College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide.

Most Traditional Sat Prep Books – Instruction, Strategy, and Practice Questions

Although the SAT prep books listed below are decent in quality, they also have serious flaws. These four books have the highest content review and practice problem ratings. Let us review their pros and cons.

I’d highly recommend SAT Prep Black Book due to its excellent strategies and advice. Mike Barrett wrote the SAT Black Book. He took the time to fully understand the test. In it, he goes over the different types of questions and introduces critical tips, such as how to recognize tricky wording and “distractor” answer choices.

This book is ideal for students looking to understand the structure, format and tricks of SAT.

The book contains detailed answer explanations to the questions of all the official SAT practice test questions. This guide will walk you through all questions on the practice tests, and explain any errors.

You can use it to change your attitude when you take the SAT. You can incorporate the book’s explanations and strategies into your own approach so that you’re more confident when answering each question type. The Black Book can be used to help you plan, but it is not as helpful when studying concepts.

This book does not contain any SAT practice exams. This book is meant to be used along with official SAT preparation tests. It refers directly to official SAT questions and gives thorough explanations, especially for the hardest questions The Black Book focuses on strategy and understanding the SAT, so it’s not the strongest resource for reviewing concepts and content. If you’re looking to completely relearn sentence parallelism linear functions , for instance, you’d need an additional resource.

Although I find this book to be written in a pretty engaging style, this is entirely a matter of opinion; in other words, Barrett’s explanation style and test strategies might not work for everyone.

What’S Better About This Guide To The Best Sat Books?

Since your SAT score is important for your college applications and you’ll likely spend a fair amount of time studying for the test, it’s important to get the right advice. You will regret it later.

It is best to review any advice that you are given (including ours), before you decide on your SAT Prep Plan. Make sure you ask yourself the following question: “Why should i trust that person on the internet giving me SAT advise?” Well, we answer that question right here. We believe this SAT prep guide book is far superior than the ones you could find on the internet.

In this article, I detail the reasons why certain SAT textbooks are excellent and which books lack weaknesses. Some of these prep books might not have been mentioned to you because they are less widely known or newer than books published by larger corporations with more marketing budgets. Most other SAT books guides just list a few books without context, but we tell you every critical piece of information you need to know before buying a book.

My belief is that it’s essential to focus on your weak points and what you should be doing to prepare. I will highlight SAT books that can be used to train for particular sections, and those that work better for high-scorers or low scorers. We don’t assume all students have the same needs, so we make our guides to accommodate a diverse range of test takers.

The SAT books I promote don’t pay any commission. These authors don’t have any personal connections with me. I know that I’ve read dozens upon dozens of SAT prep book, so these books are what I would use if I was prepping. Other sites, such as and, get paid to adjust their rankings or get kickbacks from publishers for mentioning their prep books.

To me, it feels like I really know my stuff. I scored two perfect scores on the SAT and have worked directly with thousands of students prepping for the SAT. My experience includes test-takers from all levels. Many writers have no idea how to identify good and bad SAT book recommendations and instead recommend them as an afterthought.

One important disclaimer: I’m co-founder of PrepScholar, an online SAT/ACT prep program . We believe that we have created the most effective SAT preparation program. This program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and give you a well-structured all-in-one guide. It also incorporates the best parts of the SAT books so that you know what you need to do at each stage.

The Best Sat Prep Books Of 2021-2022

In this guide we will divide the top SAT books in the following categories:

The Critical Books are Essential Books for SAT Preparation, No Matter Your Strengths or Weaknesses.

You can use these books to enhance your SAT Reading, Math and Writing skills.

Books for top scorers: The SAT prep books will push you to the top, and they’ll help you achieve the highest score possible.

The books for low scorers or motivation are okay if they’re only used to help you study for a short time and increase your SAT score. If you don’t want to read them, they are best avoided.

The #1 Book to Avoid: The book I always used to recommend for the old version of the SAT is now squarely on the “Do Not Buy” list. You can find out the reason!

Since the format for the SAT was changed drastically in 2016, I would not recommend you using an old SAT book to prepare you for the new SAT. Although some older SAT tests have similarities with the latest, you will spend a lot of time studying the wrong topics or questions if your knowledge isn’t up-to-date. You can also use our online SAT prep program to learn more about your specific weaknesses and how you can improve them.

best sat prep books

Important Sat Prep books

These are the books all test-takers need regardless of how they score on the SAT or their skills. This standard is extremely difficult to achieve. I can only find two books from the hundreds that meet this criteria. Below are their descriptions.

The importance of official SAT preparation questions has been discussed extensively. The SAT can be a very strange test that will require you to apply concepts in a completely different manner than what you were taught in school. To learn these patterns accurately, you should practice using real-world questions.

Official SAT exams released by College Board represent the highest standard in practice questions. The College Board currently has 10 official tests. They are not a prep book in the traditional sense of the word, but they provide an excellent resource that is comparable to a book.

Tests contain real questions from students taking the SAT previously administered. Undoubtedly, official questions of a much higher standard than those from informal sources like Kaplan or Barron’s are of far greater quality.

The best part is that all official SAT Practice Tests are completely free of charge! You can download the tests as PDFs from the College Board website our complete guide to official SAT practice tests . Print them to experience the real-world on-paper testing.

This is the ultimate set of SAT preparation tests. These are the perfect practice test for taking a complete-length SAT exam.

You can access each test completely for nothing and then download it.

Top Sat Math Prep Guide

I believe that learning the underlying material is the best way for you to improve your SAT Math score. Learning strategies and getting familiarity with math questions will help you to progress. But if your fundamental math knowledge is lacking, it’s easy for you to hit a brick wall.

Therefore, it is a good idea to search for a book that covers math topics in an organized fashion and provides practice problems so you can focus on your specific skills. It should also cater to your skill level since math questions that are too hard or easy for you will be a waste of time.

Steve Warner’s series SAT Math Books is highly recommended. His SAT Math prep books are divided into three categories: beginner, intermediate and advanced. He also has 240 SAT Math problem sets that can be sorted by difficulty and topic.

Lessons that teach math concepts are clear and helpful. They will show you how to make your problem-solving skills more efficient and what the actual question is.

All practice questions can be simulated and have good explanations.

You should tailor your SAT Math practice to suit your skill level. If you’re scoring below 600, there’s no reason to focus on attacking the hardest questions on the test. Warner’s books can be used to practice math at your own level.

These books have too many categories, which makes it hard to identify specific math concepts that can be practiced. Our SAT program divides vast topics into smaller areas. As an example in algebra, we will cover single-variable and linear functions as well as systems of equations. In order to pinpoint weaknesses, it is easier to drill these in preparation.

best sat prep books

Kaplan’S Sat Prep Plus

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus, one of most reliable prep books, provides a detailed overview of how the exam works and the types of questions that you might see in each of its three sections. There are five fully-length practice exam sections and a range of questions.

Over 1,400 questions are included in this book. Kaplan’s practice material was very real and helped me to predict what I would find on the actual exam. You can access online videos tutorials as well.

Kaplan is an extremely respected prep company. They excel at being clear but thorough. And that’s exactly what Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus gives you, so you’ll be able to approach the SAT with confidence.

One problem with the book is its difficulty level. This can be frustrating to experts. It still covers nearly every SAT concept you might encounter during the exam. That makes it one the most popular SAT Math and English prep books. In fact, the sheer coverage of this book puts it ahead of many other study guides, and it can serve as a great refresher or overview, especially when used in conjunction with other books.

Kaplan SAT Prep Plus on Amazon

Which Sat Prep Book Does Best?

  1. 1 – The Official SAT Study guide.
  2. 2 – Barron’s SAT, 29th edition
  3. 3 – SATPrep Black Book: The Best SAT Strategies Ever Published.
  4. 4 – Kaplan, SAT Prep: 2 Practice Questions + Proven Strategies + On-line
  5. 5 – Princeton Review 500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT

What is the Number 1 Sat Prep Book and Why Does It Matter?

Kaplan SAT Prep Plus – One of our most comprehensive prep books, Kaplan SAT Prep Plus offers a detailed overview of the exam and how it functions. It also explains what kind of questions can be expected across the three sections.

Sat Prep Books worth It?

Although the Blue Book, as it was known by students, used to be the best source of SAT preparation, the Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition is a much better choice. You can find the whole book (including all eight practice tests) online free of charge. Don’t spend your hard earned money on it.

.Best Sat Prep Books
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