Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022? (7 Reasons Why)

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Owner Jeff Bezos (14.0% voting power, 10.6% economic interest)


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1,608,000 (Dec. 2021)


U.S.: 950,000 (Jun. 2021)




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Amazon is able to deliver large quantities of parcels every day around the globe. Amazon claims it can deliver packages in a matter of hours, but many customers find that this is not the case.

  • How can I find where my package went? Why is Amazon’s shipping service slow? If you’d like to find out, read below for 7 reasons as to why Amazon’s delivery may be delayed, and how to remedy it!
  • Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022? (7 Reasons Why)

    Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022?

  • 1. Transport Problems
  • Because Amazon ships so many packages every day it can cause errors when employees are handling shipping labels or equipment.

    A package may not have arrived within a reasonable time frame. It could also be that the shipping labels were damaged or lost during shipment.

    If a customer has ordered a package and it has yet to arrive, customers can contact customer support, or they can use Amazon’s tracking feature to learn where the package is currently located.

  • 2. Weather Conditions
  • In order to keep their packages safe, Amazon couriers may need to hold off on delivery if certain regions are affected by bad weather.

    These delays can occur during situations like snowstorms.

    Customers who have not received their packages yet should check the local weather reports for any indications of severe weather.

  • 3. Small P.O Box
  • Amazon Delivery Drivers may have issues with packages that are being delivered to P.O Box addresses.

    If customers order large packages and do not use Prime Delivery, they should have the package sent to another address.

  • Amazon Key also allows customers to utilize Amazon Key. It allows drivers and delivery personnel to deliver bigger packages in the customer’s garage or house, regardless of size.
  • 4. Timelines of Third-Party Vendors
  • Third-party sellers may fulfill orders for customers who order packages. However, Amazon does not necessarily have to deliver their parcels. Customers are responsible for the fulfillment of the order by the person or brand that placed it.

    The thor-party vendor may have issues shipping to their area or face other inconveniences if there’s a delay.

    Customer who are worried about their packages’ location can get in touch with the seller by visiting their Amazon “Orders”, selecting the purchase, then tapping on the “Contact Seller” button.

  • 5. Parcel Shipping Strikes
  • If customers order from Amazon without a Prime account, their order is likely being processed and delivered through various parcel shipping provider.

    If a country’s parcel carrier goes on strike, however, that may lead to delays in receiving packages. Because post office strikes temporarily halt processing of deliveries, the affected postal workers will not be able to process any orders until this time.

    Customers are advised to stay informed about any postal strike or news regarding their parcel carrier. Also, check your order history to see when the package was sent to determine how long it will take to receive their packages.

  • 6. High Volume Orders
  • Amazon can fulfill large quantities of orders in peak season. They cannot avoid shipping delays due to the number of orders they receive.

    This high volume season of shopping can happen during the national holiday season, back-toschool season or global crises which increases the online ordering.

    If Amazon is facing issues with a large number of orders coming in, they will generally alert customers to their order delays, and re-estimate the time frame that a package will arrive.

  • 7. Priority Changes
  • Amazon must prioritize order that meet essential needs, such a national crisis or global emergency, when possible.

    When such an incident occurs, a customer may experience delays in receiving their order.

    What can I do to track my Amazon order?

    Amazon’s tracking tool can provide information to customers about where they placed their Amazon order. To locate your package, you will need to do these things:

    Go to Amazon’s account and log in. Select the item you want to trace, then click the “Track Package”.

    Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022? (7 Reasons Why)

    What is the best way to get a refund for delayed Amazon delivery?

    Customers can request a return if their packages arrive late or are not delivered by the following:

    Customers must log in to their account to access the “My Orders” page. Once they have located their order, customers must click on the “Problem with Order” button. Customers can select the “Request Refund” option, and enter their reason in the provided comment field.

    Amazon delivery services are also covered in our post on late delivery refunds and shipping from Amazon.

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon is often faced with failed or late deliveries due to a variety of factors, including high volumes of orders, transport issues, weather conditions, and similar problems. Customers can, however, learn the location of their item by using the tracking feature.

    Customers have the option to request a refund in case their package does not arrive.

    Amazon Shipping so Slow Lately 2022

    Why is Amazon delivery so slow? This is due to the volume of packages that Amazon has to ship daily, as well as the continuous additions of new products.

    Amazon Delivery Is Slowing Down:

    Amazon can experience late or failed delivery due to many factors such as high order volume, transportation issues, bad weather, and other problems. Customers have the ability to find the precise location of the item using the tracking option.

    Amazon Prime no longer offers 2-Day Shipping in 2022

    Amazon offers 2-day shipping, although it isn’t offering this to all its customers. This may be due to the sheer volume of orders. Amazon will now prioritise orders based upon their importance. Amazon hasn’t yet officially stated when 2-day shipping for Prime members will cease.

    Is Amazon Prime No Longer 2-Day Shipping 2021?

    Amazon doesn’t have to eliminate 2-day shipping. It’s still a part of its offering to Prime subscribers. Amazon has prioritized certain Prime orders, so some orders may be delayed.

    .Why Is Amazon Delivery So Slow In 2022? (7 Reasons Why)

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