Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2022 (How Long Is It + More)

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Starz is a popular cable and satellite TV network with original series and theatrically released movies. These exclusive channels are a top-rated channel and millions of American households will gladly pay more for them.

  • Starz is a popular TV show and movie streaming service. You may be wondering what the Starz trial is on Amazon. How do I sign up? These are my findings.
  • Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2022 (How Long Is It + More)

    What Is The Starz Free Trial On Amazon?

    Amazon has teamed up with Starz to offer a seven-day free trial for Amazon Prime members. Starz, a premium cable or satellite TV network offers an extensive selection of originals, and popular movies that Amazon Prime members can view during the free trial. After the trial, $8.99 per month will be charged.

  • For more details about Amazon Starz’s free trial (including how long the offer lasts and what you get), read this article!
  • Amazon Starz Free Trial: How Long?

    The free Starz trial through Amazon lasts for seven days, giving you a chance to try out the channel and figure out if it’s worth the money or not.

    This seven-day period starts when you sign up, so make sure it’s at a time that you can actually watch the channel and make the most of the free trial, rather than a really busy week.

    Starz is a popular channel because of its jam-packed schedule that features over 20 shows and nearly 900 movies. This is the reason why your Starz trial will be free.

    Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2022 (How Long Is It + More)

    Starz Free Trial

    A Starz free trial through Amazon gives you access to hundreds of blockbuster movies recently released in theaters, plus exciting original TV shows.

    Amazon Prime members will receive a Starz trial for free. They can choose from new comedy shows, dramas, kid’s programs, suspenseful stories, and much more.

    That’s because Starz is owned by Lionsgate, a major movie-maker and entertainment company.

    Starz has the latest TV shows and movies. Visit for the entire schedule.

    Amazon requires a credit card to use the Starz Free Trial.

    To sign up to the Amazon Starz free trial, you’ll need to have a valid credit card. For an Amazon Prime Video Free Trial, it’s exactly the same.

    Before a company offers a free trial, they will need to have credit card information. After the free trial expires and the subscription starts, the card will be charged.

    It is important to note this when you sign up for Starz. If you do not want to be charged, your card will be charged after the seven-day period.

    Visit the Amazon official page to sign up and connect Amazon Prime with Starz. After the trial, confirm your payment details.

    Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2022 (How Long Is It + More)

    How Much Is Starz On Amazon After The Free Trial?

    Starz, one of more than 100 channels offered by Amazon Prime Video is available. Some of these additional subscriptions are required.

    Starz starts at $8.99/month after the 7-day trial. Amazon Prime is $12.99/month.

    Starz offers some of the greatest blockbuster films, along with popular and exclusive TV programs. Starz is well worth the cost.

    Starz is available on Amazon Prime Video. You don’t need cable and can cancel at any time. However, fees might apply.

    Amazon Starz Free Trial Cancellation

    Many people find themselves in unexpected subscription billing charges after the free trial ends.

    Luckily, it’s pretty easy to switch off the auto-renewal function in Amazon Prime Video and any added subscriptions, including Starz and other similar channels.

    Simply log into Amazon and go to the Digital Content and Devices option.

    Next, click “Apps and more,” to manage your subscriptions. The next step is to display all your Prime subscriptions and Starz memberships.

    The actions box will give you the choice of turning off auto-renewal, which you should select before saving your settings.

    Amazon and Starz won’t charge your card. This also means that your subscription will be cancelled and you lose any access you have had to the content.

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  • Conclusion
  • Starz TV/movie channel is not included in Amazon Prime. However, it can be accessed through the platform.

    Amazon Prime comes with a 30-day free Amazon Prime trial. This allows you to start Amazon Prime at the same moment if desired. Once the seven days for Starz are up, you will move over to a paid subscription unless you cancel it, and the same goes for Amazon Prime.

    How long is The Starz Free Trial?

    Starz is offering a 7 day free trial. There are however ways to convert those seven days into five week! Starz can be tried for free on multiple platforms, such as Amazon Channels and Hulu. The free trials can be combined and Starz will remain yours for a full month.

    Starz is Free with Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Members do not receive STARZ. For eligible Prime members, however, there’s a seven-day free trial.

    Does Starz Have A 30-Day Free Trial?

    Purchase a brand new device. You’ll receive 30-day trial offers from SHOWTIME, STARZ and EPIX. Accept the channels and follow the directions. In no time you will have streaming live TV.

    How Much A Month Is Starz On Amazon?

    Starz costs $8.99 per month after three months. Amazon Music Unlimited costs $7.99 per month. Starz also includes original series, movies, HD streaming and unlimited downloads.

    .Starz Free Trial Amazon In 2022 (How Long Is It + More)

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